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17-0; Seattle Gets Snowed In; Clemens, McNamee Lawyers on OTL: McNamee Says He Has Much More to Reveal

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mcnamee.jpgRoger Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin, and Brian McNamee’s lawyer, Earl Ward, are to appear on ESPN’s Outside the Lines at 9:30 a.m. EST. The showed is re-aired on ESPN News at noon.

But the real news is that Ward says his client is ready to reveal additional information to substantiate his claim that he injected Roger Clemens on multiple occasions with steroids:

Now, say sources close to Roger Clemens’ former trainer, McNamee is providing additional information to investigators as they prepare for a congressional hearing on Feb. 13. “Brian’s position is, ‘Let’s deal with the truth,'” said Earl Ward, McNamee’s attorney. “That’s his position.”

According to a source close to the trainer who says he injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone, McNamee answered questions from the government and former Sen. George Mitchell’s office truthfully, but “he tried not to hurt Roger” in the process. Now that Clemens has sued him for defamation and has mounted a ferocious attack on McNamee, “stuff is pouring out of him.” According to Ward, “Brian knows a lot about Roger’s moral character and knows a lot about his extracurricular activities. … There’s a lot that he could say to damage Roger’s reputation, but we plan on taking the high road. … If some of this stuff were to come out, Roger Clemens would look very, very, very bad.”

Sounds like Roger the Dodger is in deep trouble.

More: The OTL Aftermath

Roger Clemens and his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, belong to the Texas that has replaced the rough-hewn, individualistic image that once belonged to that state. In fact, they are proof that the image was a lie. They represent what Texas is really about. They represent the nasty, pompous, new money in your face, MTV Cribs-facade homes, hiding behind the mighty veil of Christianity, bloated, big truck and SUV-drivin’, assassination ain’t nothin’ but a bullet in the head Texas. Clemens and Hardin are big oil, big polluting, Enron-style corporate managing, lying, thieving, take the money to the grave just so no one else can get it, Texas. 

Here’s Hardin on OTL with T.J. Quinn: 

“One reason people have piled on Roger is that he denied it. In the Mitchell Reports they cite the Los Angeles Times article of November 1st 2006, which wrongly, it turns out, reported that Roger and Andy had been named in a particular search warrant. That article ran and that article was included in the Mitchell Report. Well, then what happens, well then a few weeks ago as you know a federal magistrate released, unsealed it and it turns out the story was totally false, they weren’t in there. LA Times prints an apology and that’s it. And yet the Mitchell people haven’t taken that out…. 

“I think that people made up their mind about Roger and it wouldn’t have mattered what he said.”

When Quinn asked why the January 4 phone conversation was recorded, Hardin replied: 

“Maybe Clemens thought McNamee was ready to tell the truth while Hardin said he and his people thought McNamee was trying to set him up and that’s why their January 4 phone conversation was recorded. And the recording was made so that people knew Clemens wasn’t trying to do anything improper.”

Improper? So that’s why Hardin sent two investigators to meet with McNamee just before he testified to Mitchell and his investigators?

When T. J. Quinn asked Hardin, “Why didn’t Roger say, ‘Why did you lie to them or, ‘Why did you lie and tell them [Mitchell] I used steroids?'” Hardin replied:

“I don’t know. What difference would it have made? He [Clemens] said, ‘I didn’t use steroids and I just want somebody to tell the truth.’ And McNamee never contradicted either one of those. That is something I as a lawyer or you as a journalist might like more definitively to be done.  But that wasn’t the dynamics of the conversation.”

The dynamics of the conversation appeared to be that McNamee was calling to get some money from Clemens because he is close to broke and his son’s life in peril. McNamee sounded like he was willing to take some jail time for Clemens just to get money for his son.

It also sounded like McNamee was stunned by Clemens statement. Just after it McNamee began asking the pitcher, “Okay, okay, what do you want me to do?”

Hardin then played hardball with the government:

“I think what people are forgetting here is, that if the government decides the truth is ‘X’ then that becomes the truth from then on in terms of whether someone has lied and therefore should be prosecuted.”

To which Quinn asked, “The truth depends on who’s defining it?” Hardin said:

“Absolutely! That’s how you decide what perjury is. And if the government is defining the truth as, ‘Roger used steroids,’ then anything McNamee says inconsistent to that is perjury in the government’s mind.

“If he [Clemens] asks for immunity, everybody’s going to say that means he has something to hide. But the guy who’s testifying against him is asking for immunity.”

Quinn then brought up the obvious fact that McNamee needs immunity because he can be charged with providing Clemens and others with an illegal substance – steroids.   

Earl Ward: “I think he would be doing his client a disservice by allowing his client to testify in front of Congress. I think if he allows his client to testify in front of Congress under oath, we won’t be talking about his client being inducted, we’ll talk about him being indicted.”

Ward also feels that Chuck Knoblauch will corroborate McNamee’s testimony. 

Ley tried to press Ward about a sexual assault allegation while McNamee was with the Yankees. Ward said of the “incident:”

“The Florida incident was a false incident. No charges were brought. There were a number of Yankee players involved in that incident and I get the sense that he was trying to cover-up for some Yankees.” 

Ley then interviewed Jack Ford of Court TV.

Ley asked Ford about Hardin’s tactic of using the press to defend his client. Ford wanted to make a point about how Hardin feels forced to exonerate his client, Clemens, in the public instead of waiting to testify. It is an odd statement because it seemed that Ford knew Clemens might attempt to avoid testifying by hiding behind his civil suit against McNamee:

“This is the court of public opinion… there are no rules.”

In other words, in the public, Clemens can be seen as innocent when in court or in front of congress he might appear guilty. 

In response to Ley’s question about McNamee having “dirt on Clemens” and Clemens trying to make McNamee the fall guy for the Florida incident, Ford said:

“He [Clemens] has to come out swinging.”

Which means Clemens needs to attempt to sully McNamee’s reputation. And Ford’s bias was on full display when he made this simple statement: 

“It’s awfully telling that Clemens is willing to go in front of Congress without immunity.”

Ford is saying that because Clemens is testify without immunity that he is somehow innocent. However, the rub here is, is that Ford should know that Hardin is making overtures about Clemens refusing to testify or at least refusing to hand over the complete phone conversation he had with McNamee.

Ford’s statement acts as one of those false quotes people in the press and elsewhere use as a mantra to imply Clemens’ innocence when, in fact, there is potentially little truth to Ford’s words. 


moss.jpgIt is being reported that Dennis Northcutt and Matt Jones each dropped an important pass. And if those passes are caught, the Jacksonville Jaguars-New England Patriots game looks entirely different. Perhaps the Jaguars even win the game.

However, context is everything.

Ben Watson and Wes Welker each dropped an important pass. And if those passes are caught, the game looks just like it does now (except Tom Brady goes 28-28); New England by 11, except the score is 44-33 instead of the actual final of 31-20.

The strategy breaker: Jack Del Rio thought he could out-Patriot New England. So, he had his offense attempt to mirror that of the Pats’. Throw on first down. More importantly, throw on the down most defenses expect a run – second down. But with only 80 total rushing yards and no true deep wide receiving threat, the Jags fell short on executing their strategy.

The stat: Lawrence rushed 22 times for 122 yards. The vaunted duo of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew combined for a 19 attempts for 67 yards effort.


Seattle’s defenders and receivers looked like children who were charged with shoveling the snow. At first the thought is fun. But as time wears on and the cold starts to set in the kids start thinking of hot chocolate and the excuse they can make to come inside more than they do about finishing the job.

And Green Bay looked like a team wanting a championship.

How else can you explain the Seahawks going up 14-0 after 4:01 elapsed in the game, managing two field goals thereafter, and losing the game 42-20? How else can you explain the Packers Ryan Grant fumbling two of the first three times he touches the ball and then rushing for 187 more yards to total 210 for the day?

The strategy breaker: Seattle wanted to make the game an uptempo affair. That means the offense is getting in and out of the huddle quickly and running plays crisply. It also means the defensive front seven is getting upfield and playing the proverbial “downhill” defense. But the Packers, outside of Favre, are younger and faster and play the same way. Then factor in the snow and Seattle only wanted top come inside, peel off their wet clothes, get wrapped in warm clothes, and drink some cocoa.

The stat: The Packers have an awesome pass defense. But they really won the game by holding the Seahawks’ allegedly rejuvenated rush offense to 28 yards rushing on 18 attempts.


Why, this morning on ESPN’s The Sports Reporters, did Mike Lupica feel it necessary to take a pot shot at Randy Moss? His crimes are a fake-mooning of the Green Bay Packers crowd in reaction to a time-honored Packers fan tradition of mooning – though literally – the opposing teams’ busses when they leave the stadium, not wanting to remain in the pit that is Oakland, and a run-in with the Minneapolis police where, at a police traffic-directed construction zone, he maintains a female officer told him to go and she said she didn’t. Moss began to drive and she jumped in front of him and he brushed her with his car. Moss stopped immediately. And the resultant misdemeanor spoke volumes to the nothingness of the charge and the reports about it.

Lupica says that because Moss is winning and acting nice, there is a collective amnesia in the press when it comes to the wideout, when really he’s that guy who committed all those “heinous” crimes I just described. However, Lupica is here to remind us that Moss is really a thug in Patriots clothing.

I wonder if he knows he sounds bitter. And vindictive. And well —————- stupid.

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  1. Off Top even in a losing effort I haft to give it to David Gerrard, I definitely didn’t think that he was capable of heading a consistent pass first attack with such dexterity. Over all the Jags gave a much better effort than I unexpected, but they where attempting to accomplish what even I’m now almost forced to believe is the imposable. New England is like somebody’s fantasy draft franchise in Madden on steroids. No Moss? Who cares, lets just kill you with TE’s a lil bit of Wes Welker and Maroney. Just to many damn weapons on that side of the ball.

    And for god sakes..will teams please stop kicking the fg when down by 11 plus (sorrta kinda) late in crucial playoff games.

    You be to cool you just might lose…….

    Due to the Seahawks incessant bitching 2 years ago around this time and my inclination to hate all persons of the Shaun Alexander Tiki Barber ilk, I was quite happy at the results from the frozen tundra yesterday.

    lol Oh your snow shoveling metaphor is so true……

    (Getting my popcorn ready for the Congressional hearings)


    January 13, 2008 at 11:38 am

  2. Ill-
    Garrard was good for two-and-a half quarters…. unfortunately, that’s not enough. I mean, he’s giving maximum effort, sure. But everyone is trying. You have to do it for an entire game against NE. If you don’t, well, that’s the result…. and you’re right about the FG thing.

    The hearings will be fun….


    January 13, 2008 at 12:09 pm

  3. I can’t help but get the feeling that Clemens looks in the mirror every morning before starting out and says to himself:

    ” I’m Roger Clemens, bitch!!! “


    January 14, 2008 at 6:34 am

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