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Written by dwil

February 29, 2008 at 10:34 pm

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*Breaking* Barry Bonds: More BALCO Steroids Tests

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novitzkybonds.jpgThe news that the government ordered Barry Bonds’ testimony to be unsealed, which includes multiple positive tests turns out to be misleading. Actually Judge Susan Ilston agreed with Bonds’ attorneys and ordered federal prosecutors to straighten out Bonds’ indictment so that mistakes like the one earlier this month would not happen again. In the process of unsealing the court documents it may be thought by the government that additional charges can be brought against Bonds:

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Written by dwil

February 29, 2008 at 6:27 pm

Jocks and Call Girls in Denver; Avery Freezes Kidd; Isiah Is Done; A Little NFL Free Agency News

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randymoss.jpgCall a girl in Denver

A high-end prostitution ring was busted in Denver (you know where this one is going). A few Denver Broncos players were on the “roll call.” Denver Nuggets players were, too. Arizona Diamondbacks players were prominent users. And it looks like some of the good Christians in the Colorado Rockies clubhouse were ——- hookin’ up for Jesus.

Now, if there are millionaire athletes involved with “garden tools” you can bet there are other pros in Denver ploughing the fertile territory of the call girl-prostitute ring:

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Thank Goodness for Leap Year

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leeelder.jpgWell, another Black History Month has come and is one day from gone. And for sports television, the months get progressively less important; this one was the worst.I watched a fine show on ESPN on Thursday, February 28 titled, “Say It Loud,” an obvious nod to James Brown’s legendary, seminal, and all that chant of a song, the reason Public Enemy could be what it was song of a song of the early 1970s feeling among black people of self-determination and pride. Though many sports were dealt with to some degree, golf was the prime mover of this documentary. The show was so good an excerpt of it was aired during the 6 p.m. EST Sportscenter.

It was so good that my five-and-a-half year old daughter sat rapt, unable to take her eyes off its images and interested only in the words of people like Eddie Payton, brother of Walter Payton and Jackson State University golf coach and Lee Elder, the first black man to play in the Masters.

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Of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and Falls From Grace

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On February 13 Roger Clemens walked out of the Capitol in trouble. In one key moment of that day, he testified that he was never at Jose Canseco’s home on June 9 1998 and even produced a receipt from a public golf course from that date. Clemens’ attendance at this party was an important point of contention between the pitcher and his former personal trainer, Brian McNamee. One of Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin, used the golf course receipt to debunk McNamee’s story and attempt to destroy his credibility, a tactic Hardin hoped to hammer home in front of Congress through his famous client.

Twelve days later we now know that a photo of Roger Clemens at Jose’s Canseco’s home is purported to exist. We also know that a former major league baseball player has indicated that Clemens often joked about a conversation from Canseco’s party about breast augmentation between his wife Debbie and Canseco’s former wife Jessica.

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A Little Taste of Playoff Ball for the Lakers

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farmarblake.jpg(just for you Diallo and KevDog)….

If you just look at the score of the Los Angeles Lakers-Portland Trail Blazers game last night – 96-83 – you’d think, oh the Lakes routined the Blazers.

Not true.

The Brandon Roy-less (sprained right ankle) Trail Blazers played with an urgency befitting a team in freefall in the ultra-tough Western Conference. After going 17-1 in one stretch of games, in the next 22 games the Trail Blazers went 7-15, which includes their most-recent 1-8 slide. Portland head coach Nate McMillan can’t possibly like what happening with his team lately but this type of roller-coaster ride is to be expected from his young, young team.

Portland ran out to a 15-point first quarter lead. LA responded by erasing that deficit only to see the Blazers end the first half with another run to lead 51-44. The Lakers looked a bit weary. Kobe Bryant played facilitator in the first two quarters, scoring only eight points but dishing out six dimes. His supporting cast, though, missed open shots, turned the ball over, lack offensive movement, and played lackluster defense.

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P.R. and the News Game: This is How ESPN Does You; Andy Katz – Pushin the ACC (down our throats)

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ssalisbury.jpgEver wonder how some news gets pushed to the forefront while other news gets pushed into the background? Public relations firms, folks, that’s how. Every league and corp has them – and they all use them to, shall we say, massage the direction and tenor of the news – especially when it concerns them. Look around the Internet sports blogsphere (and you won’t have to look far), you can readily see the handiwork of the P.R. firm and the P.R. peeps who act as “insiders.”

Here is a perfect example of the PR firm at work; example provided by the WWL….

Question: which story is more important? Longtime NFL analyst suddenly leaves the WWL, or human interest story about a junior member of a sports media outlet’s televised NCAA coverage?

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On Kurt Thomas: Don’t Dare Question My Au-thor-i-tie!

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mamba.jpgESPN’s Chris Broussard, along with Ric Bucher are two of the best NBA analysts in the sports journalism game. The WWL leaves the pop-pom waving for the Lig to others while these two get real news.

This morning Broussard, after speaking with a long time scout, said the second best late trade this season (the LA Lakers getting Pau Gasol being number one) is not Shaquille O’Neal but ahem – drumroll, Kurt Thomas going to San Antonio. That’s right. KT.

While other pundits and think they knows were hufffing the Big Shaqtus glue, this author said of all acquisitions, Thomas was the second-most important acquisition. What’d I say about KT?:

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More Clemens!: Did Roger Joke With Teammate About Wife’s Chat With Jessica Canseco?

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jcandclem.jpgI heard it on the news. I received an email and was told the same (thanks, Miranda). According to a New York Daily News article by the “bust ’em crew” of Teri Thompson, Christian Red, Nathaniel Vinton, and Michael O’Keefe, an anonymous MLB player informed congressional investigators that Clemens joked often in the clubhouse about an incident during the party on June 9, 1998. The scene at Canseco’s was a conversation between his wife, Debbie Clemens, and Canseco’s ex-wife Jessica comparing the results of their surgical breast enhancements:

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Written by dwil

February 26, 2008 at 3:37 pm

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*Breaking* Yao Out for the Year

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yaotracy.jpg(2:41 p.m.) Houston Rockets All-Star center Yao Ming will miss the remainder of the season, including the playoffs, with a stress fracture in his left foot. The Rockets are holding a press conference now to discuss the injury. Team physician Thomas O. Clanton indicated that the injury is the result of accumulative stress from the rigors of playing basketball.

Ming will miss three to four months. However, he may be ready to represent China in the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. No decision has yet been made as to what type of treatment Ming will receive. His options are to have his foot placed in a cast to take weight off the foot or have screws placed in his foot. Both treatments require the same amount of rehabilitation time.

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Written by dwil

February 26, 2008 at 2:46 pm

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