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Brett Favre Is Done – More; Peter King Speaks!

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bfavrepking.jpgAhhhh, Peter King weighs in, with a Bishek, Kyrgyzstanturn, location tag, no less:

When the news of Brett Favre’s retirement broke halfway around the world, NFL defensive linemen Mike Rucker and Luis Castillo – on a USO/NFL Tour to pump up the troops here and in Afghanistan — stood huddled around a computer in the back of a pub on an U.S. Air Force Base. It was Karaoke Night, but they weren’t interested in music. They had their eyes fixed to a Biloxi Sun Herald story reporting legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre would retire after his storied 17-year career.

“Wow! I love the dude,” said Rucker, the veteran Carolina Panther end, when he had digested the story.

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March 4, 2008 at 11:00 am

Spotes Notes, 3.04.08: Sam’s New Club; Bye Warrick Dunn; Moss Grows in New England (more to come)

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wdunn.jpgSudden Sam goes to Beantown 

The NFL and NBA love up to their names. NFL stands for, “Not For Long.” The NBA is known as the “Player’s League.” I’ll get to the NFL in a minute…

Sam Cassell is the newest member of the Boston Celtics. Sam tells the Los Angeles Clippers management – Elgin Baylor – he wants to go somewhere where he might be able to help a team win a ring. Suddenly Cassell pops up on the waiver wire. And though he could help a few Eastern Conference teams, he clears waivers and signs with the Cees, just like everyone planned and hoped.

Boston now has the experienced point guard it needs to compete in the playoffs.

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