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Stop the Clemens Investigation? Anthony, You Weiner!; Uncle Terrence Moore Speaks

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aweiner.jpgMichael O’Keefe of the New York Daily News (and part of the NY Daily News “Bust ‘Em” crew of PED writers) is reporting that some people in Congress don’t feel Roger Clemens should be pursued by the governemnt. House Representative Anthony Weiner a Democrat from – you guessed it – New York, wants the FBI investigation into whether or not Clemens lied to Congress to end:

Federal law-enforcement officials should use their limited resources to target serious threats to the nation, such as terrorism and organized crime, Weiner said during a conference call with reporters….

Capitol Hill sources have told the Daily News that Clemens’s fierce insistence on publicly challenging allegations in the Mitchell Report under oath forced lawmakers to refer that matter to the FBI.

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March 5, 2008 at 3:51 pm

Brett Favre

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bfavre1.jpgIt was fitting that on a Monday night, the day after Brett Favre’s father Irv died of a heart attack at age 58, Favre threw for 399 yards and four touchdowns. It might have been the best game of his football career.

It was equally fitting that Brett Favre’s final pass as an NFL quarterback was an interception.

The two examples personify Favre as a quarterback and define his persona. Each is fitting because they personify his gun-slinger, try to fit the ball in places it shouldn’t fit into – and places other quarterbacks would never think of attempting to fit the ball into – mentality. Part of Favre is also his “everyday man” persona. There was an “aw shucks-ness” to him that he portrayed to the public.

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Sports Brief: Return of the Birdman

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birdman.jpgAfter a two-year absence from the NBA due to a drug suspension, Chris Anderson, aka “Birdman” is making his return to the League. The New Orleans Hornets, the team Anderson played for when he was suspended, are expected to sign the 6’10’ forward. According to reports, Anderson is in great shape and is excited about his reinstatement:

“Chris is incredibly excited to be back,” his agent, Steven Heumann, said. “He’s grateful to the NBA and the union for reinstating him and for giving him the opportunity to resume his career.”

The Hornets can re-sign Anderson at a one-year, pro-rated share of his last contract ($13 million for four years):

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Written by dwil

March 5, 2008 at 12:03 am