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The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: The Bracket – First Thoughts, Gut Feelings

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The teams have been announced (I’ve been watching ESPN’s “Black Magic” – a history of basketball from the side of black players and coaches). Here are some matchups that caught my eye and my gut feeling about which team will win.

The Top Seeds
1. UNC (East)
2. Memphis (South)
3. UCLA (West)
4. Kansas (Midwest)
5. Georgetown (Midwest)
6. Duke (West)
7. Texas (South)
8. Tennessee (East)

Key First Round Matchups

#8 Indiana – #9 Arkansas (Arkansas)
#7 Butler – #10 South Alabama (Butler)
#6 Oklahoma – #11 St. Joe’s (St. Joe’s)

#5 Clemson – #12 Villanova (Clemson)
#4 Vanderbilt – !13 Siena (Vandy)
#7 Gonzaga – #10 Davidson (Davidson)
#6 USC – #11 – Kansas State (USC)

#8 BYU – #9 Texas A&M (A&M)
#5 Drake – #12 Western Kentucky (Drake)
#4 UConn – #13 San Diego (????)
#7 West Virginia – #10 Arizona (Zona)
#3 Xavier – #14 Georgia (Georgia)
#6 Purdue – #11 Baylor (Purdue)

#8 Mississippi State – #9 Oregon (Miss. St.)
#5 Michigan State – #12 Temple (MSU)
#7 Miami – #10 St. Mary’s (Miami)
#6 Marquette – #11 Kentucky (Kentucky)


Written by dwil

March 16, 2008 at 9:53 pm

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  1. East Region

    Most intriguing matchups:

    1. Notre Dame vs. George Mason
    2. Oklahoma vs. St. Joseph’s

    Dead Men Walking



    Most intriguing matchups:

    1. Clemson vs. Villanova
    2. Gonzaga vs. Davidson

    Player that will lose the battle, but win the war:

    Kansas State’s Michael Beasley, Wildcats will lose to O.J. Mayo’s USC team, but will be the first pick in the NBA Draft.


    Most intriguing matchups:

    1. Marquette vs. Kentucky
    2. Michigan State vs. Temple
    3. Miami (Fla.) vs. St. Mary’s


    Most intriguing matchups

    1. BYU vs. Texas A&M
    2. Purdue vs. Baylor

    Team that could lose in the First Round or go to the Final Four:


    What the F?

    Arizona in over Arizona State. Beating a team twice and having a better conference record doesn’t mean squat if your RPI is in the 80’s.


    March 17, 2008 at 5:51 am

  2. des-
    Then join the SOMM pool! Look down a couple of posts for the sign-up info….


    March 17, 2008 at 10:19 am

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