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Masters Thoughts: Tiger Was Tiger Once Again

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Watching Tiger Woods play his final round of the 2008 Masters I have to admit that maybe I’m wrong. See, I continue to believe that Woods’ failure to win when trailing after 54 holes in a major (0-16 when trailing by six shots or less) is a fluke statistic. But Sunday, after watching him blow opportunity after opportunity to make the shots that would allow him to post a 68 and sit in the clubhouse and wait for those ahead of him to succumb to the pressure of bettering that score, I am now convinced that there is something missing in Tiger’s makeup.

There is something missing when an athlete must be leading from the start of a tournament to lead at the end. There is something missing when you are supposed to be the best golfer in the world and arguably the best of all time, yet you fail to come from behind each final 18 holes you play in the tournaments that matter most. There is something missing when you cannot look at the leader board on the morning of the final day, see a man who, statistically is one of the worst golfers on the PGA Tour, and say, all I have to do is post a score and this man will fold, then relax, go out and post that score.

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April 14, 2008 at 12:17 am

The Masters: A Little Luck, a Little Tiger Proofing, and a Failure to Change

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Sure Tiger Woods bogeyed two par fives the first two days of this year’s Masters Tournament. And those bogeys might eventually cost him the tournament. But Trevor Immelman’s gaffe at 15 yesterday turned out to be nothing. How his third shot, a wedge spun way too much that did not roll back into the drink, might win him the tournament.

Interestingly, on ESPN’s Sports Reporters this morning, Mitch Albom and Mike Lupica took the time to tag-team excoriate the 13-time major tournament winner.


“He’s now looking at a couple of young guys who are in their twenties who have that bravado who are maybe saying, ‘we don’t know any better.”

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April 13, 2008 at 12:14 pm

Recent Radio Show Appearances

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Dave Zirin of Edge of Sports has an XM Satellite radio show (for all those who don’t know). We did an “end of the month” roundup (replete with a shout-out to MODI at “Cosellout“) and from here on out, DZ has invited me to summarize the past month in sports. Click here for the segment.


Also, here’s my regular NPR Tony Cox Internet Sports Round Table show talkin’.

(sorry DZ, SOMM fell apart, so I had to post this interview… it’ll be better as time goes on)

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April 12, 2008 at 12:02 pm

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Kobe Jumps the Aston-Martin

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April 11, 2008 at 8:29 pm

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Notes: Tiger and… Zach Johnson?; Bye-bye Golden State

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The Masters: the two with a chance

Tiger is right there. Sure, he’s four strokes back of Trevor Immelman and Justin Rose, but he was a bad break from being two or three under par yesterday. On the 13th hole, a par five, Woods bombed his drive down the middle-left side of the fairway. With a medium iron shot left to the green Woods’ hit caught the ball just a little thin and instead of his normal high raindrop medium iron shot that seems to fall straight down from the sky, his second shot bounced through the green.

Left with a difficult uphill pitch shot to a green sloping away from him, Woods attempted a chip into the top of the hill hoping the ball would trickle down to the hole. It was a near-impossible shot. Woods’ shot landed, perhaps, three inches short of its target and rolled back down the hill. The mistake resulted in a bogey.

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Coach Cal, Memphis, and the State of U.S. Basketball

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Coah Cal got Jesus.Free throws came back to haunt Memphis.

For all their previous bluster, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Rose went 1-5 at the charity stripe down the stretch and it cost the Tigers the game.

CDR and Rose choked.

Rose “should have had enough basketball IQ to foul” Sherron Collins.

The players have to take the lion’s share of the blame.

Is that it? Is that all the game comes down to – the players “choked”; low “basketball IQ?”


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April 11, 2008 at 2:15 am

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Why White People Tend to Pout (Sports Version)

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wigger.jpgWhite people took the impetus to come to this land – whether someone else got here first is immaterial – and take it for themselves. They journeyed from sea to shining sea and told the rest of the world how much each ocean glimmered and shimmered in their eyes.

After all, theirs were the only eyes that mattered.

It took white people centuries to tame this land —- and its itinerant denizens. It took centuries for them to remake this country in their image —- even if it wasn’t them who did most of the actual remaking.

When they looked around them and saw that they had accomplished, that they had imprisoned the people native to this land, and that they were able to command others to create a mashup of what they saw in their mind’s eye —- they smiled, prayed their prayers, and relaxed.

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“Playing Ball” Major League Baseball’s Way

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jackiesjersey.jpgWith all that was going on last summer it was difficult to deal with some of the larger issues of and problems with Major League Baseball. This spring and summer it is time to make time to dig in an explore MLB and baseball, in general, much more deeply. The following is the first of many articles and commentaries to be written this spring and summer on our National Pastime.


I smelled a rat in Major League Baseball’s summer of 2007 but could not find its carcass. There was something terribly wrong with MLB and baseball, in general. Everywhere I turned there was a scandal. Most had to do with “performance-enhancing drugs” (PEDs) like steroids and human growth hormone (HGH), but there were others like Tony LaRussa’s drunk driving charge and the specter of Ken Caminiti’s cocaine-induced death and his flat statement that perhaps 80% of MLB players were using PEDs. There was a rebirth of public knowledge of baseball’s private war with amphetamines used largely to recuperate from long hours of air travel followed by playing a baseball game some 12 hours later. But amphetamines are dangerous drugs and I wondered how many MLB players had a bottle of them at home.

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Random Thoughts: Tyler Hansbrough and Straws; Donnie Takes Over the Knicks; On Philly Sports; Mike Woodson?; Kelvin Likes the Pros; Spygate, Hairgate

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billyking.jpg** On Mike and Mike this morning former coach Fran Fraschilla said he like Memphis and North Carolina to win the Final Four games. He said Joey Dorsey is every bit as dominant as Kevin Love, that Derrick Rose is a monster, and that if the game is called tightly, it will suit Memphis because of their physical style of play, because “they play physical ball in the Pac 10.”Does anyone else find it weird that the Pac 10 is known for physical college basketball and finesse football teams?

Fraschilla also said the following about the Kansas-UNC game:

“Kansas has six really good players, Carolina has four really good players, but Carolina has this guy…”

“This guy” would be one Tyler Hansbrough, media-pronounced deity of the Tar Heels. Hansbrough is so feted that Jay Bilas mentioned Tyler’s name in the same sentence as Michael Jordan’s; that Fraschilla believes that one Hansbrough is so good that he is worth two of the Jayhawks’ “good players.”  

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Searching – Unapologetically – for Larry Bird

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birdindst.jpgReal quick here…

On Cold Pizza’s First and 10 the question was raised: Sage Steele introduced the segment by stating that the NBA has been on the quest for the next Larry Bird since – Larry Bird. She asked why no Bird-type white player has been found and stated that there is a “constant search for the next one.”

Talk about airing an open secret! The matter-of-fact manner in which it was introduced was ———– disconcerting. It was just plopped out into the public forum like it was a loose penny thrown into a change jar.

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