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Recapping March: Articles and Commentaries Chronicling the Month

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aleibovitz.jpgWith LeBron, Gisele, Annie Leibovitz, and the cover of American Vogue, the making of Tyler Hansbrough’s college legacy, Brett Favre’s “retirement,” the revealing of Arlen Specter’s true mission behind Spygate, more steroid news, upping the ante on Geno and Pat’s continuing feud, and the remaking of John Thompson III and Georgetown’s basketball program through March Madness and revisionist history, it has been yet another crazy month for sports and sports-related news.

So, I thought I’d do something a little different and provide a little recap of March through the month’s commentaries and articles. I’m actually crossing my fingers and hoping nothing too crazy happens between today and tomorrow at midnight!

Anyway, thanks for reading SOMM….


3.03: Steroids Rules: Revisionist History, Revising the Present as It Passes and Revising the Future Before It Comes

3.03: Mixed Messages Through a Clearly Muddied Lens

3:05: Brett Favre

3.05: Stop the Clemens Investigation? Anthony, You Weiner!; Uncle Terrence Moore Speaks

3.06: Time for a Station Break

3.09: Remaking Kelli White in ESPN’s Image

3.10: Spygate: What Arlen Specter Really Wants from NFL Owners and Roger Goodell

3.11: Tommy Amaker, Harvard and the Conundrum of 21st Century NCAA Hoops

3.12: The Saga of Ray Ray and Fahmarr McElrathbey to Continue – Just Not at Clemson

3.13: Eve Carson and Jamiel Shaw: We Now Interrupt This Program…

3.18: Tyler Hansbrough: The Revolution Will Be Televised

3.18: LeBron James and the Vogue Cover: More “King Kong” than “King James”

3.21: Duke’s March to Madness

3.23: A Sunday, March Madness Recruiting Tale: Geno Auriemma and UConn – Pat Summit and the University of Tennessee

3.24: Georgetown-Davidson: A Lot More Than “Home Cookin’”

3.25: Race and Sports: Maybe If the Cards Are Laid Out on the Table…?

3:25: An Intro to What Was Written Before: Isiah Cannot Be Larry (Donnie Walsh Goes to the Knicks?); Cut Your Hair; Hibbert, Neither Athletic nor Smart

3.26: Invalidating Jemele Hill: When You Cause a Stir… Face Slaps Follow

3.27: Pacman Jones and “Limited Hangout”

3.28: Wiping Barry Bonds from AT&T: Peter Magowan’s and MLB’s Master Plan

3.28: Lebron James: Beyond Kong

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