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The Quest for Global, Human Supremacy – via “Conquest”

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What began as a simple response to a comment on Taki’s Magazine article titled, “How Black Studies Avoids Studying Blacks,” became a series of thoughts on the nature of racism. Though not at all intended to be a treatise, hopefully these musings will incite thought and discussion.

  1. The alleged “Founding Fathers” (of a stolen country) were, in fact, racist. We know this from the “three-fifths compromise” between the Northern and Southern delegates to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention.  Slavery – human beings as resources – was a means to an economic end, as long as the the “resources” were not White. What is now, fashionably among Whites, called “triangular Atlantic trade,” is little more than an attempt to make inert can be more accurately seen as, “The African Holocaust.”

    For the entire breadth of Western Civilization White polemicists and their less mentally adroit but like-skinned fan base, have taken it upon themselves to use negatively-manipulated, race-based thought to demean and vilify the peoples of “outsider cultures” with the intended end being, “Conquest,” of what they termed and term today, the “Other” – the Other being peoples of non-White, non Western cultures (a primary historic example of arguing the false premises of race-based thought are the 16th c. Las Casa v. Sepulveda debates).

    There is a certain, all-encompassing, fallacy to American “White-on-Black” race-based social thinking. Its intent to broad brush an entire people is inherently biased – and inherently biased. Never has a book with the premise that White people are more inclined toward criminal behavior, or more apt to be corrupt, or found to be more intellectually deficient, hit the book stands of your local Barnes & Noble.

    Yet, any college student who has taken a freshman-level anthropology class knows that the study of humans is subjective and therefore biased. In fact, an entire school of thought developed within the fields of social studies that attempted to ensure that biases were stated in hypotheses before an investigator entered a foreign environment for his or her study. 
    But, in the end, it doesn’t take a college-educated person to know that an element of the uniqueness of human beings is  the fact that we, each, perceive the same event through an individual/different lens. So, while overreaching portions of a perceived event may be perceived quite similarly by disparate people, details perceived within an event will almost always vary, person to person.
    Every college student who has taken a rudimentary statistics class should know that statistics are especially malleable. Especially so, because they are often used to mask a biased argument or mask the bias in the fulfillment of a hypothesis, rather than strip bias from an argument or result of studies based on a given hypothesis.  

    To apply statistical analyses to race or race-based acts does little more than establish a person’s personal wish fulfillment. For every statistic a White person can apply that negatively impacts on perceptions of Black people, a Black can person can apply statistics that impact negatively on Whites.

    In ending, racism, defined as bias toward a person of different skin color where power – economic, political, social,  etc. –  is held by the person with biases exists, is a fact. 

    That racism must be a foundational element of the pursuit of what is known, even by White, Western standards as, “Conquest” – the violent intrusion of a distinctly separate culture of non-White peoples with the goal of remaking said peoples into assimilated Others – is a fact.

    That post-Conquest institutions of racism are immediately and automatically erected with the sole purpose of separating the victors from the defeated, is a fact. 

    That all post-Conquest teachings are derived by members of the Conquest group, or by members of the defeated Other who seek to curry favor and spare themselves the wrath of the Conquest group, and will be teachings that render a largely favorable perception – positive in paternalism, benevolent even while killing, altruistic to mask the truth of their efforts, religiously “correct” and always in touch with a “supreme being” unknown to the defeated of which they are its likeness, all-powerful and therefore impregnable –  of the Conquest group, is a fact.

    That once erected, all people who identify with the victors of the Conquest will assert personal notions of racism toward the Other, knowing with certainty that all institutions are geared to defend their notions of racism, is a fact.

    That today, the people who are the beneficiaries of Conquest and its primary device of philosophical perception, racism, are attempting to remake not only the United States, but the non-White peoples of the planet Earth into a powerless, subjugated Other, is a fact.

    The only question, then, left for discussion is ——- why?

Written by dwil

January 18, 2013 at 11:35 am