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Before the “Afro-Saxons” Get Hold of Cam and Mike…

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Just to get ahead of the neo-negroes who are in the process of attempting to coon their way to prominence (even if it means signing in Mickey Blood or donning Minnie’s dress)…

When Black QBs – e.g. Cam Newton or Michael Vick – are written about in context of the team around them, it is interesting that neo-negroes await to pounce on any writer – but particularly Black – who would do so; who would actually perform the duties of a journalist.

You see, there is an adage about black people who feel animus toward the glaringly few Black writers who do write about athletes, including black athletes, in their proper context. And the adage fits all “minorities,” no matter their standing: whenever a person not of the dominant culture seeks to mimic the actions, beliefs, or social mores of people of the dominant culture, they become caricatures of the people they mimic – and, therefore, caricatures in the eyes of all who would see them.

This blind mimicking, this Laconda-like want to NOT honor self but so yearn to be of a dominant culture that acts as a macrocosmic cancer to anything not of itself with which it comes contact, is so deep that these afro-saxons will sell Black people out, as did Lacondas who were injected back into Africa and used as African-selling middlemen for their White masters.

You see, these lawn jockeys whose main purpose is to ensure that racism is condoned in America, never talk about Tom Brady after a debilitating loss; the “pouting Tom” who can barely speak during press conferences who, like Cam Newton And Michael Vick, always speaks of how everyone, including him, must play better the next time around. They never throw Peyton Manning under the bus when his teammates lose games and Manning launches into one of his diatribes where he subtly blames everyone but himself, as he has done his entire career.

No, no, these “we sick boss” negroes cover their ears when their adopted idols speak, so that they remain ignorant of the post-loss sulking and pouting of White quarterbacks. They then turn to White-owned media outlets and read and listen to the soliloquies about the NFL’s prescribed QB heroes written by their White sports-writing masters.

And like the crabs in a barrel they are, when they see a crab free of the barrel, they become angered to the point of exhibiting pathological behavior, seeking with malice to do everything they can to pull the free crab back into their clutches.

Few pundits in any field would have ever thought that in 2012 Black people in America, as a collective, would be farther than ever from self-actualization.

The clicking of claws grows ever louder.


Written by dwil

August 10, 2014 at 1:29 pm

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