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Recapping March: Articles and Commentaries Chronicling the Month

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aleibovitz.jpgWith LeBron, Gisele, Annie Leibovitz, and the cover of American Vogue, the making of Tyler Hansbrough’s college legacy, Brett Favre’s “retirement,” the revealing of Arlen Specter’s true mission behind Spygate, more steroid news, upping the ante on Geno and Pat’s continuing feud, and the remaking of John Thompson III and Georgetown’s basketball program through March Madness and revisionist history, it has been yet another crazy month for sports and sports-related news.

So, I thought I’d do something a little different and provide a little recap of March through the month’s commentaries and articles. I’m actually crossing my fingers and hoping nothing too crazy happens between today and tomorrow at midnight!

Anyway, thanks for reading SOMM….


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Eve Carson and Jamiel Shaw: We Now Interrupt This Program…

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evec.jpgThe murder of Eve Marie Carson, student body president at the University of North Carolina is not a sports story. But because she was a student leader at a university where sports are played, because March Madness nears and UNC is one of the top basketball teams in the country, I gather her murder is modestly sports-related.

The murder of Jamiel Andre Shaw Jr., a junior at Los Angeles High School is a not natively a sports story. But because he was a running back and because, in late February of this year, Stanford University called to find out more about him, Shaw’s murder is sports-related.

Carson’s murder made headlines on national television. Shaw’s was nowhere to be seen by televised news or sports news outlets. Regardless, both stories are tragic.


jamiel.jpgI stared at the photo of 21-year old Demario James Atwater. He was dressed in all-black and was in handcuffs. He looked defeated, forlorn. And I flashed back to the photo of a young black man at the wheel of Carson’s Toyota Highlander SUV at a drive-thru ATM machine, looking very confident. The person in the picture is not Atwater. However, beneath his photo is a mug shot of 17-year old, Alvin Lovett, Jr. He is the person in the photo, though the person at the ATM machine has a pencil-thin moustache and in the mug shot Lovett does not. And now that he has been arrested, we will know his role in this killing play.

Something about the photos of Atwater and Lovett caught me. I stared… and stared, and stared some more.

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Written by dwil

March 13, 2008 at 9:36 am