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Recapping March: Articles and Commentaries Chronicling the Month

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aleibovitz.jpgWith LeBron, Gisele, Annie Leibovitz, and the cover of American Vogue, the making of Tyler Hansbrough’s college legacy, Brett Favre’s “retirement,” the revealing of Arlen Specter’s true mission behind Spygate, more steroid news, upping the ante on Geno and Pat’s continuing feud, and the remaking of John Thompson III and Georgetown’s basketball program through March Madness and revisionist history, it has been yet another crazy month for sports and sports-related news.

So, I thought I’d do something a little different and provide a little recap of March through the month’s commentaries and articles. I’m actually crossing my fingers and hoping nothing too crazy happens between today and tomorrow at midnight!

Anyway, thanks for reading SOMM….


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Remaking Kelli White in ESPN’s Image

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kelliwhite.jpgFormer sprinter, Kelli White, made an admission of BALCO-related guilt and now says she has moved on with her life.

However, White broke down quite painfully in the midst of an interview with ESPN’s Mark Fainaru-Wada after talking about how other athletes perceive her and then attempted to explain how she is presently at peace with herself.

The stark truth, apparent from her emotional falling out (and even that might have been for effect, as there were no tears shown and as we all know, tears make for great heartstring-tugging television), is that Kelli White is haunted by ghosts of her own making. 

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More Barry Bonds News

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conte.jpgAccording to Lance Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle and co-author of “The Game of Shadows,” the federal government is getting a “do-over” on their indictment of Barry Bonds. Susan Ilston, the judge who will hear the case, wants the prosecution to re-craft its perjury case because it “improperly lumped” multiple offenses into each of its indictments against Bonds:

At a hearing in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Judge Susan Illston said the case could not proceed because Bonds’ indictment, handed up by a grand jury in November, was “duplicitous” – a legal term meaning it was improperly charged. By law, the government can only accuse a person of one crime per count of an indictment. But the judge said that in Bonds’ perjury case, the slugger was being accused of telling as many as five different lies under oath in each count of the indictment.

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Pettitte, Clemens, Bonds, McNamee, Congress – We Have Ourselves a Fine Mess Here

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stanloomis.jpgSo, Andy Pettitte gets the kid gloves treatment: my gaaawd, he’s a veritable hero because he kinda, sorta came clean – over time…. we think. Roger the ‘Roid Dodger Clemens might not even be indicted. Dang it, there’s just not enough evidence. Oh really? Well, there’s that little thing of the physical evidence turned over by Brian McNamee to BALCO superhero Jeff Novitzky over one month ago that more than likely has already been tested; and the results are probably privately known. But all we hear is it’s a “he said-he said” case at this point.

Oh really?

What’s up with the former Clemens nanny who placed Clemens at Jose Canseco’s home just like McNamee said? That was, after all the point Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin, chose to hone in on to disprove McNamee’s veracity. But I bet by the time the feds get back around to her she’ll speak less English than Sammy Sosa in front of a 2005 Congressional inquisition. What’s up with Laura Pettitte? She didn’t misremember.

But hold on just a Texas by way of Connecticut minute.

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The Mighty Wurlitzer Says… Roger Clemens Out, Barry Bonds In (A Steroid Test “Typo”) and Dan Burton’s Big Lie

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wurlitzer.jpgDamn it! Here we go again. The battle lines have been drawn and image will be a central issue with race as a backdrop – and Mike Greenberg made those lines clear today:

“I feel sorry for Roger Clemens…”

Greenberg feels sorry for Clemens because Wednesday for nearly five hours in front of Congress and a television national audience, the once shoe-in for the Hall of Fame pitcher did not have any of the rights of defense afforded to him that he would in a trial. He was so offended he said:

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Spotes Notes, 1.18.08: NFL Takes BALCO Hit; Golfweek Fires Editor; Venus’ Eclipse Down Under; Roddick Upset; Ernie Holmes Dies

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stubblefield.jpgNFL takes BALCO hit

Dana Stubblefield, former San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman pleaded guilty to lying to investigators today and became the first NFL player to be charged in the BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative) case. The charges allege that Stubblefield lied to an IRS agent when he said he had not used steroids linked to BALCO and denied that he received performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) from BALCO founder Victor Conte:

The plea deal calls for the 37-year-old Stubblefield to spend zero to six months in prison, though U.S. District Judge Susan Illston said she is not bound by that agreement and can sentence him to up to five years. He is to be sentenced April 25….

He was one of three players fined by the NFL for testing positive for the designer steroid THG, but he was not suspended because THG was not added to the NFL’s banned substance list until after the tests were conducted.

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Jason Grimsley Does Not Name Clemens (which means Roger is innocent, right?); Bonds’ Surgeon to Be Called by Prosecution

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roiders.jpgFrom my vantage point, it all looks too suspicious. Jason Grimsley’s testimony in a federal agent’s affidavit was unsealed Thursday. All the names that were redacted were released and Roger Clemens’ name was not one of them:

At the request of federal prosecutors, a judge in Phoenix unsealed the 20-page affidavit signed by [Jeff] Novitzky in May 2006 used to obtain a search warrant for Grimsley’s home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

That’s all fine and dandy, but, in light of its findings, this fact is inexplicable:

When the affidavit first was released in June 2006, players’ names were blacked out. The Associated Press asked a federal magistrate judge to make the complete statement public, but the request was denied this July.

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