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Steroids Rules: Revisionist History, Revising the Present as It Passes and Revising the Future Before It Comes

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larussa.jpgFirst, let’s cut the bullshit talk out. All the, “Roid rage, his head grew, he’s so much bigger than last year,” etc etc. etc. ad nauseum, has to cease. Now.

All anyone is doing by parroting that talk is attempting to bullshit you, me, and anyone else who might be listening or watching. So, when you hear that come from someone’s mouth and they are alleged to be an insider or an expert – turn off to them. Stop listening because they are, at least – and I’m being ultra kind here, uninformed.

Sunday, on ESPN’s Outside the Lines show, Bob Ley narrated and moderated a solid segment on the history of the culture of steroids in Major League Baseball. The enigmatic former Cincinnati Reds and Florida marlins trainer, Larry Starr was interviewed. As he had in previous interviews for newspapers, Starr told of his experiences in trying to bring steroid abuse problems to the attention of MLB executives during the 1989 MLB Winter Meetings. He also talked of a player who gained 30 pounds of muscle in one winter – from 165 pounds to 195 pounds – and feeling at that moment that baseball had a “problem” with steroids.

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Spotes Notes, 10.22.07: DEA Agent to Name Athletes Using Steroids, PEDs; 6 NBA Referees Not Suspended; BCS Top Five Moves; Adam Morrison Likely Out for Season; Red Sox Win

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A report by Mitch Lawrence of the NY Daily News apparently caused many, many people to jump the gun on the six NBA referees who are being investigated in the Tim Donaghy scandal. The NBA denied Lawrence’s report that the referees in question had been suspended or yet disciplined in any way:

The NBA on Sunday denied a New York Daily News report that the league has disciplined six referees for violating anti-gambling rules for officials.

The league’s internal review of its entire officiating program in the wake of the Tim Donaghy scandal — which is being conducted by former federal prosecutor Lawrence Pedowitz — is not complete yet, according to league spokesman Tim Frank. “There is no truth to this report,” Frank said. “The commissioner has made it clear that we will have details to share once the review is completed.”

According to Lawrence:

In the biggest fallout from the Tim Donaghy betting scandal to date, six NBA refs have been disciplined by the league for breaking its strict, if unrealistic, anti-gambling rules.

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Three Problems Killing Pro Sports – And Some Answers for Saving Them from Themselves

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Sports is going to hell in a hand-basket (how’s that for selective usage of a hackneyed phrase!). Everybody says it, writes it, and has poll results that confirm it. But no one has answers for what ails sports.

I’ll try to tackle some of these issues and maybe even provide some cures.

Run amok commissioners vs. the players’ associations vs. politics

Roger Goodell (NFL), David Stern (NBA) and Bud Selig (MLB) are the men who represent the owners in each of their sports. Gene Upshaw, Billy Hunter, and Donald Fehr head the unions that represent the players in each respective sport. And there are politics ascribed to each.

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Written by dwil

September 5, 2007 at 7:59 am