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The Final Four – UCLA-Memphis, Kansas-North Carolina: What’s In a Name?

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joeydorsey.jpgNext Saturday in San Antonio will mark the first time four number one seeds will do an on-court two-step in the Final Four. UCLA-Memphis, Kansas-North Carolina will be the matchups.

Saturday, UCLA Boa Constrictor-ed Xavier, 76-57. The Bruins choked off most forays to the basket and in the process made 5’7″ Musketeer point guard Drew Lavender look like a 4’7″ Mouseketeer. Each time Lavender drove through the lane he would vanish like a UFO abductee. He would disappear; the ball would be spit out to the wing minus the point guard, and the next time Lavender would be seen was a time leap later chasing down UCLA’s Darren Collison on the defensive end of the floor.

Kevin Love was simply dominant on both ends of the floor while Russell Westbrook shot 7-11 from the floor. Throw in Luc Mbah a Moute’s 13-point 13 rebound performance and Collison’s 19 points and the defensive job he did on Xavier’s catalyst, Lavender, and UCLA barely missed Josh Shipp’s dismal 1-7 from the floor disaster of a game.

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SOMM NCAA Predictions From Round One to the Championship Game

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jaimedixon.jpgAfter writing out my feelings on key matchups in the East Region, I realized how similar my assessments were to those in the mainstream. So, what I’m going to do instead is just give up my main picks.

So, without further ado, here we go.


East Region

No. 1 NORTH CAROLINA vs. No. 16 Mount St. Mary’s – UNC
No. 8 INDIANA vs. No. 9 ARKANSAS – Arkansas
No. 4 WASHINGTON STATE vs. No. 13 WINTHROP – Washington St.
No. 6 OKLAHOMA vs. No. 11 SAINT JOSEPH’S – Oklahoma
No. 3 LOUISVILLE vs. No. 14 BOISE STATE – Louisville
No. 7 BUTLER vs. No. 10 SOUTH ALABAMA – Butler
No. 2 TENNESSEE vs. No. 15 AMERICAN – Tennessee

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Spotes Notes, 2.16.08: Mark Cuban Is a Trickster; Blackface, UNC Style; Goodell Faces Himself; Rams Player Wants Pats’ Money

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blackface.jpgDirk is trippin’ – and slippin’

And Nowitzki is pissed off at Devean George. So pissed off that he pulled out his “Euro-card” on George:

“He’s looking out for himself a little bit,” Nowitzki said. “In a way, we play a team sport but a lot of it is about individuals. It’s Dirk versus Kobe, not L.A. versus Dallas. It’s not promoted as much as a team sport as it is in Europe. Devean was looking out for himself; that’s what you are used to over here.”

It seems like a common theme among the Euros. They love them some NBA money and that NBA exposure. When they go back home to their Euro-countries they get all that extra love for playing – and succeeding – against the best in the world and even more Euros (money, that is) from Euro ads courtesy of their shoe-clothing contracts. So, when it’s all good, the NBA is the best.


Any problems in the Lig? They break out the, ‘it’s so much better in Euro-ville’ speak. And it all seems to have to do with the sentiment that Americans are money-worshipping, self-centered isolationists.

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Spotes Notes, 1.07.08: More Intrigue from Roger Clemens; UNC Defeats BFU in OT, 90-88

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clemens.jpgMore Clemens intrigue

(Click here for .pdf of lawsuit)

Just before he went on air, Roger Clemens filed a defamation lawsuit against his former personal trainer, Brian McNamee. This is odd on two fronts. One, both Clemens and McNamee are scheduled to appear under oath in front of Congress. The automatic question is this: because of the lawsuit does this preclude Clemens from testifying to Congress? Clemens says he will testify regardless of the lawsuit. But the second is even odder. Last week McNamee’s lawyer said if Roger Clemens says he did not use steroids on “60 Minutes” he would file a defamation lawsuit against Clemens.

In the lawsuit, Clemens claims federal investigators threatened McNamee with jail time if he did not implicate Clemens:

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