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Recent Additions – March, 2008:

3.03: Steroids Rules: Revisionist History, Revising the Present as It Passes and Revising the Future Before It Comes

3.03: Mixed Messages Through a Clearly Muddied Lens

3:05: Brett Favre

3.05: Stop the Clemens Investigation? Anthony, You Weiner!; Uncle Terrence Moore Speaks

3.06: Time for a Station Break

3.09: Remaking Kelli White in ESPN’s Image

3.10: Spygate: What Arlen Specter Really Wants from NFL Owners and Roger Goodell

3.11: Tommy Amaker, Harvard and the Conundrum of 21st Century NCAA Hoops

3.12:  The Saga of Ray Ray and Fahmarr McElrathbey to Continue – Just Not at Clemson

3.13:  Eve Carson and Jamiel Shaw: We Now Interrupt This Program…

3.18: Tyler Hansbrough: The Revolution Will Be Televised

3.18: LeBron James and the Vogue Cover: More “King Kong” than “King James”

3.21: Duke’s March to Madness

3.25: Race and Sports: Maybe If the Cards Are Laid Out on the Table…?

3:25: An Intro to What Was Written Before: Isiah Cannot Be Larry (Donnie Walsh Goes to the Knicks?); Cut Your Hair; Hibbert, Neither Athletic nor Smart

3.26: Invalidating Jemele Hill: When You Cause a Stir… Face Slaps Follow

3.27: Pacman Jones and “Limited Hangout”

3.28: Wiping Barry Bonds from AT&T: Peter Magowan’s and MLB’s Master Plan

3.28: Lebron James: Beyond Kong

Steroids-PEDs: Mitchell Investigation, Rober Clemens, and More

(2.28.08) Of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and Falls From Grace

(2.20.08) Pettitte, Clemens, Bonds, McNamee, Congress – We Have Ourselves a Fine Mess Here

(2.19.08) Guilty Pettitte Walks Away an Innocent Hero – for Now

(2.14.08) The Mighty Wurlitzer Says… Roger Clemens Out, Barry Bonds In (A Steroid Test “Typo”) and Dan Burton’s Big Lie

(2.11.08) Jeff Novitzky-Barry Bonds News You Likely Won’t Hear; On Roger Clemens: Rusty Hardin Said, Henry Waxman Said

(2.08.08) Why Brian McNamee’s “Evidence” Might Spell Doom for Roger Clemens

(12.21.07) Jason Grimsley Does Not Name Clemens (which means Roger is innocent, right?); Bonds’ Surgeon to Be Called by Prosecution

(12.16.07) Reading Jayson Stark-ly: Looking at Roger Clemens Through PED-Colored Glasses

MLB: Rick Ankiel, Mitchell Investigation, Roger Clemens (Earlier Articles)

June 2007

Sammy Sosa, Hall of Fame? Not

August 2007

Reporting Rod Beck’s Death – Or Not

Thoughts on a Lazy Friday: Rick Ankiel-La Russa; Joey Harrington, Henry Aaron; Adam Jones; Scott Spezio-La Russa; More Pacman, More Problems

September 2007

Rick Ankiel and HGH: Damn, So “The Natural” Isn’t So Natural, After All

Spotes Notes, 9.09.07: More Damning Rick Ankiel Newz (and Spin so Dead It’s Offensive); Blow Delivered by S.F. Court to Retired NFL Players

The 800-Pound Gorilla Emerges From Its Cage

October 2007

Curt Schilling Pitches Himself into the Hall

Big Box Sports Media Gives Up Scott Schoeneweis (sort of) to Save Rick Ankiel

Breaking: Indians Pitcher Paul Byrd Bought HGH (plus instant analysis)

Paul Byrd Claims Innocence – Paul Byrd Is Guilty

Spinning the Mitchell Investigation Back to Reality

December 2007

The Mitchell Investigation Aftermath: It’s Time to Get Religion

Reading Jayson Stark-ly: Looking at Roger Clemens Through PED-Colored Glasses

Sports and Sports Media in Black and White: It’s a Start

Jason Grimsley Does Not Name Clemens (which means Roger is innocent, right?); Bonds’ Surgeon to Be Called by Prosecution

Mitchell Day: Clemens the First Name of the Day (to be updated throughout the day)

Clemens Goes You Tube

January 2008

Clemens, McNamee Lawyers on OTL: McNamee Says He Has Much More to Reveal

Kelly Tilghman

(1.23.08) Houston, We Have a Problem: Kelly Tilghman, Golfweek and More

(1.17.08) Kelly Tilghman: In Plain View, My Response to Comments (through the first 16) – Tiger Woods is a Victim?

(1.10.08) From Bonds to Clemens, from Ankiel to Taylor to Tilghman: We Missed the Moment and Now We Must Pay


(2.06.08) Bill Belichick: The Mystery of The Hoodie

(2.02.08) Spygate: There’s Something Fishy Going On

General Sports Topics: Racism

(2.29.08) Thank Goodness for Leap Year

(2.26.08) A New Way to Kill a Community?: Nets’ Ratner, Jay-Z, Barclay’s Bank in a $5Billion Hip-Hop Lawsuit

(2.11.08) Pedro Martinez, Cockfighting and America

(1.24.08) The NASCARification of America: 2008

(1.15.08) The Black Quarterback: Running from the Devil

Sunday, Sunday: What It Was – and Is – to Me

Problems in the ACC: The Trouble Behind the Duke-Clemson Game; A White, “Black Face” Party to Remember

If Only Eddie Robinson Could Die Every Day

Big Box Sports Media Outlets: The Nature of the Threat

What Gary Sheffield Really Said

The Two Sides of Nolan Richardson

A Closed Letter to Open Minds

Three Problems Killing Pro Sports – And Some Answers for Saving Them from Themselves

Michael Vick-Patrick Kerney: The Difference Comes Down to One Issue

The Trials and Tribulations of Genarlow Wilson

Mark Kizla-Childs Walker: Of Ganstas and Spearchuckers, Sex and Zulus

The NASCAR-ification of America: What Acts As a Beginning Reaches a Very Different End

On Ronny Thompson: Mike DeCourcy and Jason Whitlock Pile On Michael Wilbon, ex-Ball State Coach

TSF Interview: Rob Parker

Three Problems Killing Pro Sports – And Some Answers for Saving Them from Themselves

Racism in Sports Media: The Proof Is In the Details

Marion Jones Can Lie to Me No More

Them Changes: What I Should Have Written about Jason Whitlock

Barry Bonds

In a Stretch, Feds Reach for Barry Bonds Once Again

The Real Dope on Barry Bonds and Those Who Would Pursue Him: Part 1

A Barry Bonds False Positive-Negative: T.J. Quinn’s Two Minutes of Fame

The Real Dope About Barry Bonds and Those Who Would Pursue Him: Part 2

Good Day Sunshine: Adam Jones, Barry Bonds and the Burden of Proof

Kobe, Barry, Adam, and Tank: The Black Villains Club

The Media Trial of Barry Bonds: Tried by his Peers?

On Barry Bonds, Greek Gods and Sports

Barry Bonds Goes 755, Bud Is Not a Bard and Reporters Act Like Actresses

Barry Bonds: 756 with a Bob Costas add and a new addemdum – “The Sickness Among Us”

Gilbert Arenas, Mark Ecko and Barry’s #756 Ball

Barry Bonds, Mark Ecko, Mike Greenberg, and the Asterisk

Barry Bonds: Marc Wants to Leave His “*ecko” in Baseball’s – and America’s – Hall of Memories

Beyond the Barry Bonds Indictment: Over, Under, Sideways, Down…

From Bonds to Clemens, from Ankiel to Taylor to Tilghman: We Missed the Moment and Now We Must Pay

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor’s Past On Display as He Lies Dying

The Murder of Sean Taylor: Trying to Express All That’s Inside

Sean Taylor’s Murder: Morality and the Lesson of Hope

Don Imus

Dom Imus: I Listened, I Read – Now It’s My Turn

Don Imus: The Punishment Does Not Fit the Crime

Don Imus, Duke Lacrosse, Life and Sports: What the Hell Is Going On Here?!

Selected NFL Articles

October 2006

Peyton and the pro-Manning NFL

November 2006

ESPN, Racism and Chad Johnson

What Really Happened Between Michael Strahan and Kelly Naqi

December 2006

Fred Weary: a Dismissed “Driving While Black” Court Case Equals a Media Whiteout

An ESPN-T.O. Tidbit; Plax Burress Gets the T.O. Treatment

Merrill Hoge – Where is the Apology? (ESPN – Where Is the Axe?)

DeAngelo Hall and “Crossing the Line” in the NFL

DeAngelo Hall and “Crossing the Line” in the NFL

January 2007

The Inconvenient Truth of Darrent Williams’ Death

Terrell Owens: A Lesson in Media Distortion

February 2007

Post Super Bowl Blues: Prince Comes Through With the Subliminal S**t

Schottenheimer Fired For a “Dysfunctional Situation?” Isn’t Firing a Coach Whose Team Goes 14-2 Dysfunctional?

Three Strikes in the NFL: Behind the Veil of the Roger Goodell-Gene Upshaw Lie

March 2007

My Take on Jake Plummer

An Open Letter to the Football Player Formerly Known as “Pacman” Jones

There’s “Something” About Brady Quinn

April 2007

What Can Be Learned From Adam “Pacman” Jones

August 2007

It’s a Crappy Day to Be Lovie Smith

September 2007

The 800-Pound Gorilla Emerges From Its Cage

Men Are the “New Women”: Eric Mangini, Bill Belichick, Roger Goodell, and the Press

No Love Here for McNabb’s Complaints

McNabb and More: There’s Something Happening Here

October 2007

Reggie Bush Might Soon Sound Much Like Marion Jones

Chad Johnson Gets Used by “Big House” Key

Just Another Case of the Man Keeping Bill Belichick Down

November 2007

Andy Reid and the NFL: Coaches, Wives and Children, and Athletes

J.A. and the Converted Rice Syndrome

Was Philly’s Near Miss Upset of the Pats the Beginning or the Beginning of the End for Reid and the Eagles?

December 2007

The Ravens Have Beef and; Another Close Call for New England Is Treated With Some Disdain

New York-New England: No Envy for Tom Coughlin

January 2008

From Jerry Rice to Randy Moss and Beyond: Perceiving “Yesterday’s” Athlete and Today’s

Selected NBA Articles

(2.21.08) For Phoenix, 30 Games Until the Truth Is Told

October 2006

The NBA and the “Positional Revolution”

C-Bark’s TNT Dance; Bron Bron and Us

November 2006

Half the Team that Saved a Sport: Larry Bird Turns 5-0

AI Trade Talk House Conspiracy Theory: Was Jim O’Brien’s Firing the Set Up For Iverson’s Trade?

My Turn: The Reality of the Allen Iverson Trade

A Dominant Center Equals an NBA Championship

AI Trade Talk: Philly, 12.14.06; A Trip to Dan Gelston’s House

The New York Knicks-Denver Nuggets Fight: A Wholly Different Perspective

AI Goes To Denver! An Update: Philly fans Get @$%&ed

NBA Notes: “Big Lead” Comments Hurt the Heart; Mainstream Deviants; “Get Your Hand Out My Pocket”

January 2007

The Contradiction that is David Stern’s Age Limit Rule

NBA Teams as Planetary Systems: LA Lakers and Dallas Mavericks

David Stern Wants to Regulate and Restrict the Whereabouts of NBA Players

February 2007

LeBron James and – It

David Stern: “How You Like My NBA, NOW?!

The Denver Nuggets: A Lesson in Patience?

Dan LeBastard Does Tim the Hard-a-way

Jason Whitlock on Blast: The Real Bojangler

March 2007

Race Baiting, Gender Bending, Tolerance Having, and Nothing to Show for It All Pokey Chatman’s “Judas”

O. J. Mayo Knows More Than You Do

Josh McRoberts’ Jump to NBA Reveals Much About Mike Krzyzewski – and “Coach K”

The Point Guard: Away From the Land of Fairy-Tale Lies, Into the Valley of the Sun

Kobe Bryant and the Snakes Who Fill His Life

Tim Duncan-Joe Crawford: David Stern Wipes Away a Link to the NBA’s Past

May 2007

NBA Playoffs Game Notes: The Warriors Come Out to Play – and Learn

The Point Guard: Away From the Land of Fairy-Tale Lies, Into the Valley of the Sun

Golden State-Utah: Five or Seven, No More, No Less and Nothing In-Between

Phoenix-San Antonio Game 2: NBA Live ‘07 Euro-Ball Is Alive and Well

David Stern Doesn’t Suffer Babble or Blather, Palaver or Prattle

LeBron James Changes – Everything

Black Jesus Wears #24

Andrew Bogut Media Blackout: Crimes of Omission

NBA Referee in Game-Fixing Scam with Mafia? Oh My No! (with Updates)

October 2007

J.R. Smith: One More Mistake from Done?

November 2007

Kobe Bryant: The “Unidentified Source” Behind the Trade Talk

On Kobe Bryant: My Response to Henry Abott’s Very Un-True Hoops Hit Piece

December 2007

Assessing the New York Knicks: Time for Some Changes

NCAA Hoops

John Thompson III: The “Deal” at Georgetown

NCAA Hoops: Two Things That Can Ruin A Mighty Fine Season

Who’s Snitchin’ on Kelvin Sampson?

Josh McRoberts’ Jump to NBA Reveals Much About Mike Krzyzewski – and “Coach K”


Welcome to the Masters and the World of Walking Ghosts


January 2008

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga-Novak Djokavic Show Us the Future of Men’s Tennis

Federer Wins a Classic Over Tipsarevic

November 2007

Spotes Notes Flash: Martina Hingis Tests Positive for Cocaine, Retires (with a brief commentary)

July 2007

Tennis Needs A… Whole Lot to Survive

March 2007

Serena Williams’ Burden

January 2007

Finally, A Report About the Australian Open

Sharapova’s Heart Got Stole (thanks, Serena); A Very Brief Note on the Men’s Final

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