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“Playing Ball” Major League Baseball’s Way

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jackiesjersey.jpgWith all that was going on last summer it was difficult to deal with some of the larger issues of and problems with Major League Baseball. This spring and summer it is time to make time to dig in an explore MLB and baseball, in general, much more deeply. The following is the first of many articles and commentaries to be written this spring and summer on our National Pastime.


I smelled a rat in Major League Baseball’s summer of 2007 but could not find its carcass. There was something terribly wrong with MLB and baseball, in general. Everywhere I turned there was a scandal. Most had to do with “performance-enhancing drugs” (PEDs) like steroids and human growth hormone (HGH), but there were others like Tony LaRussa’s drunk driving charge and the specter of Ken Caminiti’s cocaine-induced death and his flat statement that perhaps 80% of MLB players were using PEDs. There was a rebirth of public knowledge of baseball’s private war with amphetamines used largely to recuperate from long hours of air travel followed by playing a baseball game some 12 hours later. But amphetamines are dangerous drugs and I wondered how many MLB players had a bottle of them at home.

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Spotes Notes, 1.08.08: Joe Gibbs Retires; LSU Crushes OSU; Clemens in a Corner; to Lynch a Tiger?

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kellytilghman.jpgTo lynch a Tiger?

Kelly Tilghman, a Golf Channel anchor, suggested that in order for young golfers to compete with Tiger Woods they,”lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” Yes, because a person is asked to speak spontaneously, live television is said to be very difficult, but why the Duke graduate felt compelled to use the word “lynch” to convey her message is unknown.

But, what we do know is that this is more specious behavior by someone who spent their college years at Duke – remember the Duke Lacrosse team party? While the Duke boys were being exonerated for rape, we never did get to the bottom of how the players in the house escaped punishment for allowing underage students to drink at the party. We never did find out how a woman – the rape accuser – was coherent one minute and was , after taking a drink from one of the lacrosse players, so high she could not stand five minutes later.

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The Mitchell Investigation Aftermath: It’s Time to Get Religion

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nuns.jpgFormer Cincinnati Reds and Florida Marlins trainer Larry Starr tried to warn owners about the burgeoning steroid abuse epidemic in Major League Baseball at the Winter Meetings. Bud Selig was there, but he did nothing. You would think the MLB commissioner might heed the words of a man intertwined with player’s health. The only problem with Selig was that he was not the commissioner. He owned the Milwaukee Brewers at the time.

The year of Starr’s clarion call concerning MLB steroid abuse was 1988.

“Here’s the thing that really bothers me,” Starr said. “They sit there, meaning the commissioner’s office, Bud Selig and that group, and the players’ association, Don Fehr and that group . . . they sit there and say, ‘Well, now that we know that this happened we’re going to do something about it.’

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