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Chad Johnson Is…

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Chad Johnson is what happens when the black “athlete,” the black “player” begins to act as a man.

Chad Johnson is what happens when the hardest-working player on the team becomes a scapegoat for an immature team’s failings.

Chris Henry, on the other hand, is what happens when an immature member of the team is allowed to keep his immature behind on the team because he can catch passes. Chris Henry should have been jettisoned from Cincinnati as soon as the clock went to “0:00” in Week 17 last season.

Chris Henry exemplifies the problems in the Cincinnati Bengals locker room. While Chad Johnson has honed his craft to a fine point, which shows in the statistics he put up over the last five seasons.

It is Chad Johnson’s “opinion” when he says the Bengals need to change their culture to win. It is fact when a sports columnist or television pundit says it is so. To demean Chad Johnson people preface their remarks about him with, “He likes to talk” as if he is speaking just to hear himself speak, not to enact change in the Bengals’ organization.

When you are Chad Johnson, your coach says the following about you:

“It’s unfortunate that Chad has put himself in that situation, because a lot of people who really had affection for him now see him in a different light.

If (Chad) shows and does things, and does (them) the right way, I’m willing to take the bullets for him again and allow him to come back the right way,”

That situation was Johnson thinking about holding out for the 2008-09 season. And it is curious that his head coach, Marvin Lewis, insinuated that he took criticism for defending Chad Johnson in the past and that Johnson, the player who spends entire nights at the Cincinnati Bengals’ facilities studying film and working out, does “things” the wrong way. While many Bengals do things the wrong way, unless there is a set of circumstances that is beyond the purview of the press, Chad Johnson does not do “things” any way but the right way.

But Chad Johnson is what happens when the press chooses tearing you down is better for ratings than is explaining to a readership – viewership, too – how the stereotypes you built for Black athletes don’t apply to Chad.


Written by dwil

August 10, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Spotes Notes, 1.31.08: Super Bowl XLII Edition

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plax.jpgThis is the final day we’ll be hearing anything at all from players. Friday and Saturday things shut down and everybody begins to get their games faces on – players and press. So, all day long I’ll be trolling for pertinent Super Bowl news to bring to you. Check back often….

Brady on Moss, Palantonio on Brady; Hoops break; Best line of the week?; Super Bowl news of the weird; You knew race had to come into all this sometime; Speaking of saying the wrong thing…; Who’s the key to the Giants winning the game again?

During yesterday’s round of interviews, Randy Moss, who will be a free agent after the season, indicated that he would like to play out the remainder of his days with the New England Patriots:

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Spotes Notes, 1.11.08: NFL Divisional Playoffs; Marion Jones Update; New Chad Johnson News; Ovechkin Breaks the Caps’; Chuck Knoblauch Speaks, sort of; Burning Bush; NPR Radio Show Appearance

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NPR Sports Round-up Show

I almost forgot. Yesterday, Greg Lee managing editor of the Boston Globe Sports online, Justin Grant of Alphablogsports, and I appeared on the Tony Cox Sports Round-up Show on NPR Radio. The topics of conversation were Roger Clemens, Kelly Tilghman, the NFL Playoffs, and the future of the BCS. IMO, it was one of our best shows. Click here to listen.

Marion Jones update

Marion Jones was sentenced for six months in prison (jail?) for check fraud and lying under oath. After her sentence, Jones will serve two years probation and will serve 800 hours of community service. She must report to begin serving her sentence by March 11. The maximum sentence for her crimes is one year. The judge, Kenneth Karas, could have sentenced her to serve that time in her home, but refused to hear Jones’ pleas to serve her time at home to be with her child.

Burning Reggie Bush

A new book about Reggie Bush is set to appear on the shelves of book stores: “Tarnished Heisman.” Its authors, Don Yaeger and Jim Henry, base most of the information in the book from interviews with Lloyd Lake the man who accused Bush and his family of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars, a home, and other items:

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