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ISU-OSU Officiating Embarrassment: In Response to the Author of a Yahoo Sports Article on. “The Call:

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It’s easy for you and your peers to protect yourselves from retaliation by the NCAA – like access to games, coaches, athletes, NCAA officials – by ensuring you place blame for ridiculously poor officiating on ISU’s lost opportunities.

The reasons for including the result of one ISU possession aside, the facts are these: NCAA tourney games involving Big 10 teams, where “let ’em play” is the rule of the day automatically favors the, “foul constantly because the refs can’t call them all,” teams, many of which are in the Big Ten. Aaron Craft was only in the game at its end due to the largesse of the officiating crew, as a cursory glance of a replay of the game shows that Craft committed at least a dozen clear, easy-to-call, fouls.

Now, if we take the block-charge play specifically, you need to take a look at the replay. Notice that the ball is on the right side of the court (televised view) but the baseline official never moves from his position on the left side of the baseline until the Temple player begins his drive. Suddenly the ref flashes into the picture. A dribble before the Temple player rises for the shot the ref is standing on the “Dayton” decal in front of the stanchion. As he runs – ridiculously late – into as poor position as possible, BEHIND the play, he ONLY stares at the Temple player, never once glancing in the direction of the late-arriving Craft; the ref is never truly in a “set” position to view the play.

The play and the proper ruling: the Temple player is in the air BEFORE Craft is set. By rule, this results in an automatic blocking foul, as, a defender must be in position BEFORE the offensive player leaves his feet. The correct call here means the “foot in the arc” kerfuffle never occurs, the basket is made, a free throw attempt follows, and there can be no complaints.

However, since the baseline official failed to perform the most rudimentary portion of his duties, i.e,. follow the ball form side to side, and then failed to perform his next duty, which is to check the position of the defender in relation to the offensive player with the ball, he utterly failed on all accounts by automatically – if you cared to notice – calling a charge, when EVERY part of the play dictated that he call a block on Craft.

In ending, it’s the easy out for the television studio members – Greg Anthony, Kenny Smith, et al. – and writers like you crew to let the NCAA off the hook by omitting everything the ref did wrong before making the wrong call. This way you can place blame on ISU for the loss – as if OSU never made similar errors that led to swings in the game – which acts to deflect blame from the only place blame should lie: the inexplicably shoddy job performed by the referee.

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March 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm

SOMM March Madness Bracket Contest

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It’s Sweet 16 time and it’s time to look at the standings in the SOMM March Madness Bracket Contest.

In the first round S2N (Signal to Noise ) led the way with 25 correctly-picked games and Ryan McNeill, owner of Hoops Addict with 24 posted the top scores after round one of the SOMM Big Dance Pick ‘Em on Yahoo! Sports. J Spraitz, MODI, and yours truly are three games behind S2N with 22 picks.

The rest of the competitors brackets looked like this: oj mustard (JB) – 21 with Clemson making a run to the Elite 8, brian – 20 who, in addition to being another Clemson casualty has Baylor becoming a feel-good story and advancing to the Elite 8, “look out for snakes” and MCB are tied with 19, and “Ink’s Hersey Hawkin’s Revenge” bringing up the rear with 18.

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March 27, 2008 at 11:42 am

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A Sunday, March Madness Recruiting Tale: Geno Auriemma and UConn – Pat Summit and the University of Tennessee

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patgeno.jpgESPN’s Bob Ley, in Sunday’s excellent Outside the Lines segment on women’s college basketball, illuminated the “feud” between University of Tennessee Women’s basketball head coach, Pat Summit, and the University of Connecticut’s head coach, Geno Auriemma. The rivalry that was reached nasty status this summer when UConn extended a contract to continue the annual regular season meeting between the two teams and Summit and Tennessee refused.

It is no secret that the coaches dislike each other. It is no secret that, as the Boston Globe‘s Jackie McMillan said today on the OTL segments, that Auriemma wishes that Summit would understand the entertainment, “grow the game” through a staged rivalry side of their jobs, while Summit wishes Auriemma would take the game and everything around it more seriously and, as McMillan said, “respect the game” more.

However, there is something more than just a difference of perspective that led Summit and the Volunteer program to refuse to sign an extension for the teams’ annual meetings. The obvious question is why, but when that question was put to Summit, she refused to answer. For his part, Auriemma said that it comes down to an intense dislike on Summit’s part: “Sometimes you wonder why” [somebody doesn’t like you]. “I don’t know. I like me.”

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SOMM Big Dance Pick ‘Em Round One Results: Signal to Noise, Hoops Addict Lead the Way

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S2N (Signal to Noise ) with 25 correctly-picked games and Ryan McNeill, owner of Hoops Addict with 24 posted the top scores after round one of the SOMM Big Dance Pick ‘Em on Yahoo! Sports. J Spraitz, MODI, and yours truly are three games behind S2N with 22 picks.

Looking at the draws, though, it appears that S2N might just continue to lead through the 2nd round as well. While everyone else’s best bracket has UConn advancing, Signal correctly took San Diego to defeat the Huskies. I look the worst of the top five as I had Arizona getting through the 1st round and making a nice run to the regional finals.

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March 22, 2008 at 12:39 am

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SOMM NCAA Predictions From Round One to the Championship Game

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jaimedixon.jpgAfter writing out my feelings on key matchups in the East Region, I realized how similar my assessments were to those in the mainstream. So, what I’m going to do instead is just give up my main picks.

So, without further ado, here we go.


East Region

No. 1 NORTH CAROLINA vs. No. 16 Mount St. Mary’s – UNC
No. 8 INDIANA vs. No. 9 ARKANSAS – Arkansas
No. 4 WASHINGTON STATE vs. No. 13 WINTHROP – Washington St.
No. 6 OKLAHOMA vs. No. 11 SAINT JOSEPH’S – Oklahoma
No. 3 LOUISVILLE vs. No. 14 BOISE STATE – Louisville
No. 7 BUTLER vs. No. 10 SOUTH ALABAMA – Butler
No. 2 TENNESSEE vs. No. 15 AMERICAN – Tennessee

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The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: The Bracket – First Thoughts, Gut Feelings

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The teams have been announced (I’ve been watching ESPN’s “Black Magic” – a history of basketball from the side of black players and coaches). Here are some matchups that caught my eye and my gut feeling about which team will win.

The Top Seeds
1. UNC (East)
2. Memphis (South)
3. UCLA (West)
4. Kansas (Midwest)
5. Georgetown (Midwest)
6. Duke (West)
7. Texas (South)
8. Tennessee (East)

Key First Round Matchups

#8 Indiana – #9 Arkansas (Arkansas)
#7 Butler – #10 South Alabama (Butler)
#6 Oklahoma – #11 St. Joe’s (St. Joe’s)

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March 16, 2008 at 9:53 pm

My 37 At-Large Teams (That means three have to go!)

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Update: Ruining potential brackets everywhere, Dennis Felton completed and improbable run by winning four games in three days to win the SEC Tournament. Felton took over the Bulldogs program after it was decimated by the actions of the coach he succeeded, Jim Harrick. Now the 16-16 Georgia Bulldogs, after defeating heralded teams and coaches, go dancing.

And who knows, the team he might be knocking out of the Big Dance could just well be from his own conference (or, if the South Alabama Jaguars were the final team in – they’re gone).

Because I love this time of year so much and spend so much time trying to get together a winning bracket, what I’ve decided to do is let you in on my thinking about March Madness, how I see the teams and what I see for the matchups after the bracket is announced. Here are my 34 at-large teams, by conference, according to the hundreds of games I watched throughout the season, and according to Sagarin ratings (yes, I trust in Jeff’s ratings).

Pac 10
Stanford – 89.42, Wash St. – 88.69, USC – 86.62, Zona – 85.09, Oregon – 83.86, Az. St. – 83.06

Big 12
Championship game loser, Texas A&M – 85.78, Ok – 84.26, K St. – 84.24

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March Madness: Here We Go!

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calst.jpgThis is the first installment of March Madness posts (6 hours to the pickin’s!)

Conference Tournament Winners (with Sagarin Ratings): American – 73.14 (21-11, 10-4 Patriot), Austin Peay – 73.29 (24-10, 16-4 OVC), Belmont – 75.10 (25-8, 14-2 A-Sun), Boise St. – 77.01 (25-8, 12-4 WAC), Butler – 86.35 (29-3, 16-2 Horizon), CS Full. – 78.92 (24-8, 12-4 B. West), Coppin St. – 64.12 (16-20, 7-9 MEAC), Cornell – 76.88 (22-5, 14-0 Ivy), Davidson – 85.58 (26-6, 20-0 Southern), Drake – 87.62 (28-4, 15-3 MVC), G. Mason – 78.33 (23-10, 12-6 CAA), Kent St. – 82.75 (28-6, 13-3 MAC), Memphis 94.41 (33-1, 16-0 C-USA), MVSU – 61.89 (17-15, 12-6 SWAC), O. Roberts – 80.19 (24-8, 16-2 Summit), Pittsburgh – 87.44 (26-9, 10-8 B. East), Portland St. – 75.87 (23-9, 14-2 B. Sky), Mt. St. Mary’s – 71.27 (18-14, 11-7 Neast), San Diego – 76.70 (21-13, 11-3 WCC), Siena – 77.55 (22-10, 13-5 MAAC), Temple – 80.56 (20-12, 11-5 A-10), UCLA – 94.61 (31-3, 16-2 Pac-10), UMBC – 75.28 (24-8, 13-3 AEast), UNLV 82.57 (26-7, 12-4 MWC), W. Kentucky – 82.16 (27-6, 16-2 S. Belt), Winthrop – 76.71 (22-11, 10-4 Big South), UT-Arling. – 72.45 (21-11, 7-9 Southland), North Carolina – 95.39 (32-2, 14-2 ACC), Wisconsin – 91.56 (29-4, 16-2 Big 10), Kansas – 94.32 (31-3, 13-3 Big 12), Georgia – 77.70 (16-16, 4-12 Southeastern)

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March 16, 2008 at 11:01 am