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Why White People Tend to Pout (Sports Version)

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wigger.jpgWhite people took the impetus to come to this land – whether someone else got here first is immaterial – and take it for themselves. They journeyed from sea to shining sea and told the rest of the world how much each ocean glimmered and shimmered in their eyes.

After all, theirs were the only eyes that mattered.

It took white people centuries to tame this land —- and its itinerant denizens. It took centuries for them to remake this country in their image —- even if it wasn’t them who did most of the actual remaking.

When they looked around them and saw that they had accomplished, that they had imprisoned the people native to this land, and that they were able to command others to create a mashup of what they saw in their mind’s eye —- they smiled, prayed their prayers, and relaxed.

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Random Thoughts: Tyler Hansbrough and Straws; Donnie Takes Over the Knicks; On Philly Sports; Mike Woodson?; Kelvin Likes the Pros; Spygate, Hairgate

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billyking.jpg** On Mike and Mike this morning former coach Fran Fraschilla said he like Memphis and North Carolina to win the Final Four games. He said Joey Dorsey is every bit as dominant as Kevin Love, that Derrick Rose is a monster, and that if the game is called tightly, it will suit Memphis because of their physical style of play, because “they play physical ball in the Pac 10.”Does anyone else find it weird that the Pac 10 is known for physical college basketball and finesse football teams?

Fraschilla also said the following about the Kansas-UNC game:

“Kansas has six really good players, Carolina has four really good players, but Carolina has this guy…”

“This guy” would be one Tyler Hansbrough, media-pronounced deity of the Tar Heels. Hansbrough is so feted that Jay Bilas mentioned Tyler’s name in the same sentence as Michael Jordan’s; that Fraschilla believes that one Hansbrough is so good that he is worth two of the Jayhawks’ “good players.”  

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Searching – Unapologetically – for Larry Bird

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birdindst.jpgReal quick here…

On Cold Pizza’s First and 10 the question was raised: Sage Steele introduced the segment by stating that the NBA has been on the quest for the next Larry Bird since – Larry Bird. She asked why no Bird-type white player has been found and stated that there is a “constant search for the next one.”

Talk about airing an open secret! The matter-of-fact manner in which it was introduced was ———– disconcerting. It was just plopped out into the public forum like it was a loose penny thrown into a change jar.

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Race and Sports: Maybe If the Cards Are Laid Out on the Table…?

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negroleague.jpgRacism, the 21st century version, is as insidious as it has been at any point in U.S. history. Gone are the days of knowing which side of the tracks to live to distinguish white and black. Gone are the days of knowing that for a black person, to cross those tracks is to cross at one’s own peril. Though those tracks do still exist, we are at a time when, at every turn, the tracks are purposely blurred and a black person is just as likely to be the defender of the white, male, Western power structure as is the white person for whom he works.

And, as it has been throughout the 20th century, racism is most clearly seen through the lens of sports.

Today, there are no segregation-mandated Negro Baseball League, no blacks-only American Tennis Association in reaction to all-white tennis. And the presence of Tiger Woods was to bring a glut of black golfers to the pro ranks.

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Sports Brief: Return of the Birdman

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birdman.jpgAfter a two-year absence from the NBA due to a drug suspension, Chris Anderson, aka “Birdman” is making his return to the League. The New Orleans Hornets, the team Anderson played for when he was suspended, are expected to sign the 6’10’ forward. According to reports, Anderson is in great shape and is excited about his reinstatement:

“Chris is incredibly excited to be back,” his agent, Steven Heumann, said. “He’s grateful to the NBA and the union for reinstating him and for giving him the opportunity to resume his career.”

The Hornets can re-sign Anderson at a one-year, pro-rated share of his last contract ($13 million for four years):

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March 5, 2008 at 12:03 am

Spotes Notes, 3.04.08: Sam’s New Club; Bye Warrick Dunn; Moss Grows in New England (more to come)

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wdunn.jpgSudden Sam goes to Beantown 

The NFL and NBA love up to their names. NFL stands for, “Not For Long.” The NBA is known as the “Player’s League.” I’ll get to the NFL in a minute…

Sam Cassell is the newest member of the Boston Celtics. Sam tells the Los Angeles Clippers management – Elgin Baylor – he wants to go somewhere where he might be able to help a team win a ring. Suddenly Cassell pops up on the waiver wire. And though he could help a few Eastern Conference teams, he clears waivers and signs with the Cees, just like everyone planned and hoped.

Boston now has the experienced point guard it needs to compete in the playoffs.

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A Little Taste of Playoff Ball for the Lakers

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farmarblake.jpg(just for you Diallo and KevDog)….

If you just look at the score of the Los Angeles Lakers-Portland Trail Blazers game last night – 96-83 – you’d think, oh the Lakes routined the Blazers.

Not true.

The Brandon Roy-less (sprained right ankle) Trail Blazers played with an urgency befitting a team in freefall in the ultra-tough Western Conference. After going 17-1 in one stretch of games, in the next 22 games the Trail Blazers went 7-15, which includes their most-recent 1-8 slide. Portland head coach Nate McMillan can’t possibly like what happening with his team lately but this type of roller-coaster ride is to be expected from his young, young team.

Portland ran out to a 15-point first quarter lead. LA responded by erasing that deficit only to see the Blazers end the first half with another run to lead 51-44. The Lakers looked a bit weary. Kobe Bryant played facilitator in the first two quarters, scoring only eight points but dishing out six dimes. His supporting cast, though, missed open shots, turned the ball over, lack offensive movement, and played lackluster defense.

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On Kurt Thomas: Don’t Dare Question My Au-thor-i-tie!

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mamba.jpgESPN’s Chris Broussard, along with Ric Bucher are two of the best NBA analysts in the sports journalism game. The WWL leaves the pop-pom waving for the Lig to others while these two get real news.

This morning Broussard, after speaking with a long time scout, said the second best late trade this season (the LA Lakers getting Pau Gasol being number one) is not Shaquille O’Neal but ahem – drumroll, Kurt Thomas going to San Antonio. That’s right. KT.

While other pundits and think they knows were hufffing the Big Shaqtus glue, this author said of all acquisitions, Thomas was the second-most important acquisition. What’d I say about KT?:

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*Breaking* Yao Out for the Year

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yaotracy.jpg(2:41 p.m.) Houston Rockets All-Star center Yao Ming will miss the remainder of the season, including the playoffs, with a stress fracture in his left foot. The Rockets are holding a press conference now to discuss the injury. Team physician Thomas O. Clanton indicated that the injury is the result of accumulative stress from the rigors of playing basketball.

Ming will miss three to four months. However, he may be ready to represent China in the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. No decision has yet been made as to what type of treatment Ming will receive. His options are to have his foot placed in a cast to take weight off the foot or have screws placed in his foot. Both treatments require the same amount of rehabilitation time.

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February 26, 2008 at 2:46 pm

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A New Way to Kill a Community?: Nets’ Ratner, Jay-Z, Barclay’s Bank in a $5Billion Hip-Hop Lawsuit

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The New Jersey Nets move to Brooklyn is still in for a fight. In an interesting, if little-known (outside of New York City) news tidbit, New Jersey Nets owners Bruce Ratner and Shaun Carter (Jay-Z) along with Barclay’s Bank of England are being sued by legendary DJ Clive Campbell (DJ Kool Herc) and a Brooklyn-based organization, Da Black Defense League for $5 billion. In the claim Campbell said Ratner and Carter conspired with Barclays and:

“profited from the African Slave Trade and continue to profit from these gains, through a conspiracy dating back hundreds of years and continue to date to oppress Black people, enslave them, unlawfully deport them to all corners of the Earth.”

The Atlantic Yards project, a $4 billion investment, would include a basketball arena for the Nets, more than 6,000 apartments, middle-income housing, commercial offices, retail establishments, and a boutique hotel – all located within downtown Brooklyn.

Bruce Ratner, president and CEO of the New York division of Forest City Enterprises and currently the real estate developer for the project, has been accused of having links with the slave trade through Barclay’s Bank. Ratner, who also co-owns the New Jersey Nets with Jay-Z, a huge supporter and endorser of the project, plans to bring the Nets to Brooklyn upon the construction of the Arena.

Barclay’s purchased the naming rights to the arena for $400 million for the next 20 years.

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