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Coach Cal, Memphis, and the State of U.S. Basketball

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Coah Cal got Jesus.Free throws came back to haunt Memphis.

For all their previous bluster, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Rose went 1-5 at the charity stripe down the stretch and it cost the Tigers the game.

CDR and Rose choked.

Rose “should have had enough basketball IQ to foul” Sherron Collins.

The players have to take the lion’s share of the blame.

Is that it? Is that all the game comes down to – the players “choked”; low “basketball IQ?”


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April 11, 2008 at 2:15 am

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Tyler Hansbrough: The Revolution Will Be Televised

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hansbrough.jpgI was going to stay out of the Tyler Hansbrough-Michael Beasley, ‘who should be player of the year,’ talk. Race talk was inevitable and I was trying to refrain from the conversation. I read all the primary articles – at least the ones most talked about; the words that were supposed to “hit the mark” and put Hansbrough into context vis a vis black players, or the words that defended Hansbrough’s POY worthiness.

Then I watched the North Carolina-Clemson ACC Championship game. If you listened to the broadcast only you would have believed that Hansbrough played on a team of no-name stiffs and Clemson was just a sacrificial lamb served especially for the Chapel Hill faithful.

And Tyler Hansbrough was the game’s conquering gladiator. 

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My 37 At-Large Teams (That means three have to go!)

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Update: Ruining potential brackets everywhere, Dennis Felton completed and improbable run by winning four games in three days to win the SEC Tournament. Felton took over the Bulldogs program after it was decimated by the actions of the coach he succeeded, Jim Harrick. Now the 16-16 Georgia Bulldogs, after defeating heralded teams and coaches, go dancing.

And who knows, the team he might be knocking out of the Big Dance could just well be from his own conference (or, if the South Alabama Jaguars were the final team in – they’re gone).

Because I love this time of year so much and spend so much time trying to get together a winning bracket, what I’ve decided to do is let you in on my thinking about March Madness, how I see the teams and what I see for the matchups after the bracket is announced. Here are my 34 at-large teams, by conference, according to the hundreds of games I watched throughout the season, and according to Sagarin ratings (yes, I trust in Jeff’s ratings).

Pac 10
Stanford – 89.42, Wash St. – 88.69, USC – 86.62, Zona – 85.09, Oregon – 83.86, Az. St. – 83.06

Big 12
Championship game loser, Texas A&M – 85.78, Ok – 84.26, K St. – 84.24

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March Madness: Here We Go!

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calst.jpgThis is the first installment of March Madness posts (6 hours to the pickin’s!)

Conference Tournament Winners (with Sagarin Ratings): American – 73.14 (21-11, 10-4 Patriot), Austin Peay – 73.29 (24-10, 16-4 OVC), Belmont – 75.10 (25-8, 14-2 A-Sun), Boise St. – 77.01 (25-8, 12-4 WAC), Butler – 86.35 (29-3, 16-2 Horizon), CS Full. – 78.92 (24-8, 12-4 B. West), Coppin St. – 64.12 (16-20, 7-9 MEAC), Cornell – 76.88 (22-5, 14-0 Ivy), Davidson – 85.58 (26-6, 20-0 Southern), Drake – 87.62 (28-4, 15-3 MVC), G. Mason – 78.33 (23-10, 12-6 CAA), Kent St. – 82.75 (28-6, 13-3 MAC), Memphis 94.41 (33-1, 16-0 C-USA), MVSU – 61.89 (17-15, 12-6 SWAC), O. Roberts – 80.19 (24-8, 16-2 Summit), Pittsburgh – 87.44 (26-9, 10-8 B. East), Portland St. – 75.87 (23-9, 14-2 B. Sky), Mt. St. Mary’s – 71.27 (18-14, 11-7 Neast), San Diego – 76.70 (21-13, 11-3 WCC), Siena – 77.55 (22-10, 13-5 MAAC), Temple – 80.56 (20-12, 11-5 A-10), UCLA – 94.61 (31-3, 16-2 Pac-10), UMBC – 75.28 (24-8, 13-3 AEast), UNLV 82.57 (26-7, 12-4 MWC), W. Kentucky – 82.16 (27-6, 16-2 S. Belt), Winthrop – 76.71 (22-11, 10-4 Big South), UT-Arling. – 72.45 (21-11, 7-9 Southland), North Carolina – 95.39 (32-2, 14-2 ACC), Wisconsin – 91.56 (29-4, 16-2 Big 10), Kansas – 94.32 (31-3, 13-3 Big 12), Georgia – 77.70 (16-16, 4-12 Southeastern)

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March 16, 2008 at 11:01 am

Kelvin Sampson’s World Today

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ksampson.jpgFailed to comply with sanctions imposed …”

“Exceeded NCAA limits …”

“Acted contrary to the NCAA principles of ethical conduct …”

“Failed to deport himself in accordance with the generally recognized high standard of honesty …”

“Engaged in an impermissible recruiting contact …”

After a one week “internal investigation” of the above charges, Indiana University President Michael McRobbie announced that Kelvin Sampson and the school will agree to a $750,000 buyout of the coach’s contract and he will resign, and that Athletic Director Rick Greenspan cosigned on that decision.

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Quick Thoughts: Roger on Blast; Kelvin on Blast, too – But Why? (And Goodell Meets with Specter – Shhhhh!)

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clemens.jpgRoger Cossak is mad. One of ESPN’s legal analysts Cossack said on Mike and Mike in the Morning, “It is not Congress’ job to get Roger Clemens…. This has turned into a show.” Cossack also said in it Congress duty to “set national health policy.”

And Cossack has a point.

At this point it does seem like this is a Clemens’ punishment for failing to quietly go along with former Congressman George Mitchell’s investigation findings into steroid and HGH use. Notice that Clemens is the only player to seriously challenge the findings – and is the only player to be under this kind of scrutiny.

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Spotes Notes, 2.05.08: Lewis Hamilton Faces Racism in Spain; David Stern the Imperialist; Vick Might Retrieve His Bonus Dollars; NFL Player Stabbed; Bob Knight Resigns

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hamiltonracism.jpgF1’s Lewis Hamilton gets the NASCAR treatment from “fans”

Formula One wunderkind Lewis Hamilton was treated to some “Spanish love” by “fans” watching preseason testing in Barcelona. A group of people in wigs, black face and wearing t-shirts that read, “Hamilton’s Family” greeted the 23-year old racer with racial slurs:

The McLaren driver, 23, was subjected to racist comments and was faced with a group of spectators wearing wigs, dark make-up and t-shirts with the slogan “Hamilton‘s Family” on the front during pre-season testing near Barcelona. And although the Briton insisted he still loves being in Spain, he admitted he was not prepared for what occurred at the Circuit de Catalunya, in Montmelo.

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