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ISU-OSU Officiating Embarrassment: In Response to the Author of a Yahoo Sports Article on. “The Call:

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It’s easy for you and your peers to protect yourselves from retaliation by the NCAA – like access to games, coaches, athletes, NCAA officials – by ensuring you place blame for ridiculously poor officiating on ISU’s lost opportunities.

The reasons for including the result of one ISU possession aside, the facts are these: NCAA tourney games involving Big 10 teams, where “let ’em play” is the rule of the day automatically favors the, “foul constantly because the refs can’t call them all,” teams, many of which are in the Big Ten. Aaron Craft was only in the game at its end due to the largesse of the officiating crew, as a cursory glance of a replay of the game shows that Craft committed at least a dozen clear, easy-to-call, fouls.

Now, if we take the block-charge play specifically, you need to take a look at the replay. Notice that the ball is on the right side of the court (televised view) but the baseline official never moves from his position on the left side of the baseline until the Temple player begins his drive. Suddenly the ref flashes into the picture. A dribble before the Temple player rises for the shot the ref is standing on the “Dayton” decal in front of the stanchion. As he runs – ridiculously late – into as poor position as possible, BEHIND the play, he ONLY stares at the Temple player, never once glancing in the direction of the late-arriving Craft; the ref is never truly in a “set” position to view the play.

The play and the proper ruling: the Temple player is in the air BEFORE Craft is set. By rule, this results in an automatic blocking foul, as, a defender must be in position BEFORE the offensive player leaves his feet. The correct call here means the “foot in the arc” kerfuffle never occurs, the basket is made, a free throw attempt follows, and there can be no complaints.

However, since the baseline official failed to perform the most rudimentary portion of his duties, i.e,. follow the ball form side to side, and then failed to perform his next duty, which is to check the position of the defender in relation to the offensive player with the ball, he utterly failed on all accounts by automatically – if you cared to notice – calling a charge, when EVERY part of the play dictated that he call a block on Craft.

In ending, it’s the easy out for the television studio members – Greg Anthony, Kenny Smith, et al. – and writers like you crew to let the NCAA off the hook by omitting everything the ref did wrong before making the wrong call. This way you can place blame on ISU for the loss – as if OSU never made similar errors that led to swings in the game – which acts to deflect blame from the only place blame should lie: the inexplicably shoddy job performed by the referee.

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March 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Spotes Notes, 1.08.08: Joe Gibbs Retires; LSU Crushes OSU; Clemens in a Corner; to Lynch a Tiger?

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kellytilghman.jpgTo lynch a Tiger?

Kelly Tilghman, a Golf Channel anchor, suggested that in order for young golfers to compete with Tiger Woods they,”lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” Yes, because a person is asked to speak spontaneously, live television is said to be very difficult, but why the Duke graduate felt compelled to use the word “lynch” to convey her message is unknown.

But, what we do know is that this is more specious behavior by someone who spent their college years at Duke – remember the Duke Lacrosse team party? While the Duke boys were being exonerated for rape, we never did get to the bottom of how the players in the house escaped punishment for allowing underage students to drink at the party. We never did find out how a woman – the rape accuser – was coherent one minute and was , after taking a drink from one of the lacrosse players, so high she could not stand five minutes later.

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Spotes Notes, 12.23.07: Clemens Goes You Tube; Cheating the NFL; Crooked Big Ten Official?

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Roger goes grassroots

Do you believe this man? (posted by Clemens)

Cheating the game

A note to the members of the Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers (game in progress), and Philadelphia Eagles: Each of you played a rivalry/spoiler game today. You played as a team, you played smart, and executed like professionals. Bully for you. The rub is, if you played each game this season with the urgency you displayed today, you would have overcome all your injuries, all the quarterback questions, all the media scrutiny. And you would be playoff-bound.

Instead, each member of each team is playing for that most ephemeral of motivators, “pride.” All this means is that you played without pride for the better part of the season. Which means, week to week you were stealing paychecks from your bosses, cheating the fans who pay dearly – financially – to attend games and watch you, and lying to your teammates and/or yourselves.

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So You Really Think You Know Who’s Number One?

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hawaii.jpgIs there still someone out there who feels the NCAA shouldn’t have a playoff? If so ———– are you crazy? Only ardent fans of other teams would believe the game for all the marbles won’t be Ohio State-LSU.

But the question is, should it be? Let’s take a look at the teams who have major beef with the NCAA and the BCS system:

The first team in question is Ohio State. Say what you will about their record being 11-1, but who again did they beat? Oh right, Youngstown State (not a Division I football school), Akron, Washington, Northwestern, and Minnesota. The highest ranked teams they played (at the time the games were played) were Wisconsin and Michigan. Both those teams were #21 at the time they played the Buckeyes.

Not impressed? You shouldn’t be. Of all the teams with an argument to make, OSU played the weakest schedule – by a long shot.

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Written by dwil

December 2, 2007 at 12:43 pm