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Recapping March: Articles and Commentaries Chronicling the Month

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aleibovitz.jpgWith LeBron, Gisele, Annie Leibovitz, and the cover of American Vogue, the making of Tyler Hansbrough’s college legacy, Brett Favre’s “retirement,” the revealing of Arlen Specter’s true mission behind Spygate, more steroid news, upping the ante on Geno and Pat’s continuing feud, and the remaking of John Thompson III and Georgetown’s basketball program through March Madness and revisionist history, it has been yet another crazy month for sports and sports-related news.

So, I thought I’d do something a little different and provide a little recap of March through the month’s commentaries and articles. I’m actually crossing my fingers and hoping nothing too crazy happens between today and tomorrow at midnight!

Anyway, thanks for reading SOMM….


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A Sunday, March Madness Recruiting Tale: Geno Auriemma and UConn – Pat Summit and the University of Tennessee

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patgeno.jpgESPN’s Bob Ley, in Sunday’s excellent Outside the Lines segment on women’s college basketball, illuminated the “feud” between University of Tennessee Women’s basketball head coach, Pat Summit, and the University of Connecticut’s head coach, Geno Auriemma. The rivalry that was reached nasty status this summer when UConn extended a contract to continue the annual regular season meeting between the two teams and Summit and Tennessee refused.

It is no secret that the coaches dislike each other. It is no secret that, as the Boston Globe‘s Jackie McMillan said today on the OTL segments, that Auriemma wishes that Summit would understand the entertainment, “grow the game” through a staged rivalry side of their jobs, while Summit wishes Auriemma would take the game and everything around it more seriously and, as McMillan said, “respect the game” more.

However, there is something more than just a difference of perspective that led Summit and the Volunteer program to refuse to sign an extension for the teams’ annual meetings. The obvious question is why, but when that question was put to Summit, she refused to answer. For his part, Auriemma said that it comes down to an intense dislike on Summit’s part: “Sometimes you wonder why” [somebody doesn’t like you]. “I don’t know. I like me.”

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Georgetown-Villanova, Tennessee-Rutgers: Two Scenarios

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hoyascats.jpgI have condemned ESPN poor taste (at least) moments since Jay Crawford on Cold Pizza had his Kelly Tilghman moment, however, unlike Tilghman, no one said a word. There was no call for Crawford to be suspended or fired. No one approached Yao and asked for his feelings about Crawford’s obviously racist utterance. The incident passed as if nothing happened. Oh, and what did Crawford say that was so evil?

Well, he and Skip Bayless were discussing Yao’s surge in votes. Both men surmised that the influx in pro-Yao sentiment came from NBA fans in China. Crawford said of the Chinese voters:

“They can’t pay for tickets with chickens, after all.”

Apologists for Crawford called it everything but what it was. And today, if you think about it, Tilghman’s “lynch joke” had unseemly connotations. Yet Crawford’s condemnation of over a billion people was over the top.

And that moment, almost three years ago to the day leads us to ESPN’s “Big Monday” NCAA basketball coverage….

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