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Searching – Unapologetically – for Larry Bird

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birdindst.jpgReal quick here…

On Cold Pizza’s First and 10 the question was raised: Sage Steele introduced the segment by stating that the NBA has been on the quest for the next Larry Bird since – Larry Bird. She asked why no Bird-type white player has been found and stated that there is a “constant search for the next one.”

Talk about airing an open secret! The matter-of-fact manner in which it was introduced was ———– disconcerting. It was just plopped out into the public forum like it was a loose penny thrown into a change jar.

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Spotes Notes, 2.25.08: First Your Rights, Then Your Children; Speaking of the NFL Combine; A Clemens “Misremembered” Quickie; IU-Kelvin Sampson Affair – Bob Knight Lurks?; How ‘Bout Those Phoenix Suns?!

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sheed.jpgFirst your rights, then your children

ESPN Radio’s Eric Kuselias says there’s an HGH epidemic. This morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning Kuselias said HGH use has reached epidemic proportions and therefore professional athletes players should give up their rights of privacy and submit to blood tests. Kuselias says he understands the “right to privacy constitutional” side of the argument but when “there’s an epidemic wouldn’t you give up your rights” for a little safety. Further, he said that taking a blood test is a “little thing to ask” for the “privilege to make millions of dollars.”

Co-host Mike Golic indicated that if the owners chose, they could tune the issue into a public relations issue by letting it be known that Gene Upshaw and Donald Fehr, the NFL and MLB union reps “negotiated away” the ability to treat the epidemic.

This hellish conversation is just the sort of talk those who would want to do away with our constitutional rights completely want to hear.

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