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March Madness: Key First Round Matchups, The East Bracket – #5 ND vs. #12 GMU; #8 Indiana vs. #9 Arkansas; #6 Oklahoma Sooners vs. #11 St. Joseph’s; #7 Butler vs. #10 South Alabama

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djwhite.jpgLet’s take the key first round matchups and begin to dissect them starting with the East bracket. I’ll be writing through the evening, so check back often.

#7 Butler Bulldogs 29-3 vs. #10 South Alabama Jaguars 26-6, Friday, 2:45 p.m.

This game is a battle of wills. Butler will want to control the pace of the game, keep things slow, and limit possessions. Sout Alabama will want to force the tempo, rev things up, and get as many possessions as possible. Butler is a senior-laden team full of grown through the program talent. The Jaguars are a teams of wandering transfers with only one contributor not from another four-year college or a junior college. Because the Bulldogs are rather slow and well, un-athletic, they will have a tough time with the Bulldogs as long as south Alabama’s guards can hit their outside shots.

The Jaguars are led by Demetric Bennett an 6’4″ (20.1 ppg, 5.9 rpg) shooting guard who shoots 41% from behind the 3-point arc. South Alabama’s other two guards Domonic Tilford, and Daon Merritt combine for 24 points and almost eight assists per game. Inside, 6’6″ Brandon Davis averages 10-9 ppg and 6.3 rpg for the Jags.

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My 37 At-Large Teams (That means three have to go!)

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Update: Ruining potential brackets everywhere, Dennis Felton completed and improbable run by winning four games in three days to win the SEC Tournament. Felton took over the Bulldogs program after it was decimated by the actions of the coach he succeeded, Jim Harrick. Now the 16-16 Georgia Bulldogs, after defeating heralded teams and coaches, go dancing.

And who knows, the team he might be knocking out of the Big Dance could just well be from his own conference (or, if the South Alabama Jaguars were the final team in – they’re gone).

Because I love this time of year so much and spend so much time trying to get together a winning bracket, what I’ve decided to do is let you in on my thinking about March Madness, how I see the teams and what I see for the matchups after the bracket is announced. Here are my 34 at-large teams, by conference, according to the hundreds of games I watched throughout the season, and according to Sagarin ratings (yes, I trust in Jeff’s ratings).

Pac 10
Stanford – 89.42, Wash St. – 88.69, USC – 86.62, Zona – 85.09, Oregon – 83.86, Az. St. – 83.06

Big 12
Championship game loser, Texas A&M – 85.78, Ok – 84.26, K St. – 84.24

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